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7 Best Niche for Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2020

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the question… what is the best niche for Amazon Affiliate Marketing? Specifically, what is the best niche for someone to start a new affiliate site in right now? 

In this post, I will share the 7 best niches to start a site in, why I believe it is the best, and an example site in the niche. 

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First, let’s define what makes something the “best”? 

  • Most Profitable (lots of valuable traffic)
  • Highest Probability of Success (ie low competition) 
  • Expandable
  • Evergreen 

There are many ways to address this question and many strategies of picking a niche have been well documented. Typically they take a keyword research first approach vs the one I use here. 

As is usually the case I went a little overboard with this analysis including analyzing almost 1 million websites and crunched the data to identify the Top 7 Niches for new Amazon Affiliate Marketing websites with examples. 

First some background on how a niche is typically selected…

Typical Way of Finding a Niche – Start with Keyword Research

Typically the way to find a great niche is to start with Keyword Research. The logic is sound, if you can find a group of related keywords that meet the criteria of a lot of traffic and little competition then you have a chance of building a successful website. 

The problem with this is you can only analyze the competition for each specific keyword to identify if Google is going to rank a newer affiliate site for the keyword.  

My Way – Analyzing Almost 1 Million Websites 

Instead of starting with keyword research… lets flip that. We are trying to build a website… not a single page so let’s look at successful sites that we can beat for inspiration. 

So what if we could…

  1. Find all Amazon Affiliate sites in the world
  2. Identify those that are generating a lot of valuable traffic 
  3. Identify those that are beatable (weak backlink profile) 
  4. Identify the top niches for amazon affiliate sites based on that data

Well… that is what I did 

The result is the following list of the 7 best niches for amazon affiliates to start a website in 2020 based on a manual review of the top 1000 sites that met the criteria of the affiliate sites with traffic and a weak backlink profile.

Note – Some of these domain metrics have changed from the time of the export to the analysis. Interestingly it looks like ahrefs traffic data is more current than its link data. Some of these sites have since aggressively built links often an additional ~80 referring domains this year. 

7 Best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Niches for 2020 (with real examples)

ONE – Mobility Aids

The site in this case has about 40 reasonable quality articles and a good quality site. 

It has aggressively grown this year as you can see in the image below.

  • Domain Rating = 3
  • Referring Domains = 25
  • Monthly Traffic = 9,807

TWO – How Much Does _____ Cost – Search Intent

Another site focused on answering a general question of how much does something cost showed great traffic with a weak backlink profile.

This site has many keywords ranking for questionable topics along with many products on Amazon. 

Using SEMRush it is easy to build a near-infinite list of keywords “how much % cost” and “cost of %”

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 21
  • Monthly Traffic = 16,086

THREE – Free Niche – Stickers, t-shirts Etc

This is not a great Amazon niche due to its questionable monetization ability but 2 sites were in the same niche and getting a lot of traffic with mediocre backlinks.

  • Domain Rating = 4
  • Referring Domains = 19
  • Monthly Traffic = 33,208

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 26
  • Monthly Traffic = 4,995

FOUR – Dogs

Surprisingly what many people think of as a competitive niche (pets) had 2 sites in the shortlist.

Despite the popularity of the niche it continues to prove to be a great niche to go into if you can find a good sub-niche. 

Here are 2 examples of pet niche sites that are doing well.

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 12
  • Monthly Traffic = 5,404

  • Domain Rating = 3
  • Referring Domains = 34
  • Monthly Traffic = 4,995.

FIVE – Musical Instrument

/// update /// When I first shared this post I received an email from the website owner who happens to be a WebsiteIncome subscriber. To help him out I have removed the URL.

This musical instrument review site focused on a specific instrument is performing reasonably well considering its weaker backlink profile. 

An attractive aspect of this site is the value some items sell for. However, it will be somewhat limited in expanding to other products.

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 32
  • Monthly Traffic =5,309

SIX – Men’s Accessory – Briefcase

Here is a site that has been stable for a long time. So it might not be the BEST niche based on this site as an example since the site has 4 years of history. 

However, the weak metrics and very buyer focused traffic would likely have this site doing quite well as an Amazon Affiliate site and a niche worth considering.

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 49
  • Monthly Traffic =5,228

SEVEN – Survival Gear Review

Granted this niche is likely getting a push over the last 6 months due to COVID but this growth rate for a new site with a weak backlink profile is interesting. 

Many of the keywords this site is ranking for is a combination of “best” or “survival” then a multitude of products Preppers Need. 

To create a content plan for a similar site look at the prepper gear lists people prepare online and then organize those products into categories. From those lists identify keywords for those products with the modifiers “best” or “survival” and you can have a fairly complete content plan with relative ease doing this.

  • Domain Rating = 3
  • Referring Domains = 42
  • Monthly Traffic = 7,939


Building a new amazon affiliate site in 2019/2020 has proven to be profitable for the examples above. 

My hope is that either seeing some successful sites demystifies the complexity of getting started and helps you get started. OR… if you have a site provides another way of thinking about how to identify a new site to start or content cluster to publish on your website. 

Let me know if you think I got any of this wrong.

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I am a 36 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
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