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How Many Backlinks Do You Need to Rank on the First Page of Google? Is 1 Link Enough?

Are you wanting to know how many links you need to rank number 1 in Google. Well … unfortunately no one has that answer, but…

What I do have today is an experiment about the power of one very high authority backlink shooting a site from the 5th page to the first page and having it stick there.

One thing I want to make sure is emphasized is that the site used in this experiment is very high quality with 2,000 words of my own writing about a topic I am knowledgeable and it includes several useful videos. If you don’t have a quality site that deserves to be ranking on the first page of Google than throwing good links at a bad site is lipstick on a pig.

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Over the last few months I have invested a lot and quietly built up an extremely powerful private network (PA over 40, DA over 30, 100% SPAM Free). Along with a partner (John Shea of who will handle all of the customer service it is now open accepting a small number of beta testers. If you are interested in seeing what kind of impact some extremely powerful backlinks can do for your sites rankings apply here.


Back to the Experiment…

I built a really high quality website around a passion hobby of mine with the intent of reviewing some high ticket products and earning affiliate income from it.

Because it was a passion project I did not have any of my VA’s helping me promote it. Once the site was built with 7 posts including a 2,000 word homepage post complete with 4 videos I did nothing to promote it.


Initial Results

Not surprising because of the quality of the content it did get picked up by Google and it started to be ranked around the 50’s. Not great but with no links to it and no effort spent promoting it I couldn’t really expect anything else.




Time to Start Promoting

When I got some time at the start of this year to start building out my passive income website portfolio I had this site on my list to kick start.

I thought instead of doing what I usually do and set up a system involving several strategies running simultaneously why not run an isolated experiment.


Number of Links Required to Rank Experiment…

The experiment was simple…

  1. Create a relevant post on a very high authority (PA 45) expired domain in my personal network
  2. Monitor rankings
  3. Once the rankings have stabilized add another very high authority link
  4. Rinse and repeat measuring the movement each time


Case Study Results

Well I never got a chance to move past number 2 (monitor rankings) since the site didn’t level off right away, it has kept moving up.

Within 3 days of the link being placed the rankings shot up from in the 50’s to the low 20’s and it has been gradually climbed the rest of the way to page #1.




Lessons Learned

This is obviously a very small sample size of one so we should all take any conclusions from it with a grain of salt.

But here is what I take away from it…

  • Even if you have the best content for a given query you still need to get it in front of people in order to get natural sharing to occur
  • Ranking improvements from quality links can be immediate and very significant


Next Steps

Part 1 – It has now been relatively stable for a couple weeks and I am going to continue the experiment adding some more links from my premium PA 40+ DA 30+ network of sites.

Part 2 – I am looking to test the power of this network with other people’s sites as well. If you are interested in being a beta tester of the service you can apply here to get some high authority backlinks from my premium network.

Part 3 – In 1-2 months I will give an update on the increased rankings for all the sites my own and others involved in the test.

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