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7 Best Niche for Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2020

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the question… what is the best niche for Amazon Affiliate Marketing? Specifically, what is the best niche for someone to start a new affiliate site in right now? 

In this post, I will share the 7 best niches to start a site in, why I believe it is the best, and an example site in the niche. 

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First, let’s define what makes something the “best”? 

  • Most Profitable (lots of valuable traffic)
  • Highest Probability of Success (ie low competition) 
  • Expandable
  • Evergreen 

There are many ways to address this question and many strategies of picking a niche have been well documented. Typically they take a keyword research first approach vs the one I use here. 

As is usually the case I went a little overboard with this analysis including analyzing almost 1 million websites and crunched the data to identify the Top 7 Niches for new Amazon Affiliate Marketing websites with examples. 

First some background on how a niche is typically selected…

Typical Way of Finding a Niche – Start with Keyword Research

Typically the way to find a great niche is to start with Keyword Research. The logic is sound, if you can find a group of related keywords that meet the criteria of a lot of traffic and little competition then you have a chance of building a successful website. 

The problem with this is you can only analyze the competition for each specific keyword to identify if Google is going to rank a newer affiliate site for the keyword.  

My Way – Analyzing Almost 1 Million Websites 

Instead of starting with keyword research… lets flip that. We are trying to build a website… not a single page so let’s look at successful sites that we can beat for inspiration. 

So what if we could…

  1. Find all Amazon Affiliate sites in the world
  2. Identify those that are generating a lot of valuable traffic 
  3. Identify those that are beatable (weak backlink profile) 
  4. Identify the top niches for amazon affiliate sites based on that data

Well… that is what I did 

The result is the following list of the 7 best niches for amazon affiliates to start a website in 2020 based on a manual review of the top 1000 sites that met the criteria of the affiliate sites with traffic and a weak backlink profile.

Note – Some of these domain metrics have changed from the time of the export to the analysis. Interestingly it looks like ahrefs traffic data is more current than its link data. Some of these sites have since aggressively built links often an additional ~80 referring domains this year. 

7 Best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Niches for 2020 (with real examples)

ONE – Mobility Aids

The site in this case has about 40 reasonable quality articles and a good quality site. 

It has aggressively grown this year as you can see in the image below.

  • Domain Rating = 3
  • Referring Domains = 25
  • Monthly Traffic = 9,807

TWO – How Much Does _____ Cost – Search Intent

Another site focused on answering a general question of how much does something cost showed great traffic with a weak backlink profile.

This site has many keywords ranking for questionable topics along with many products on Amazon. 

Using SEMRush it is easy to build a near-infinite list of keywords “how much % cost” and “cost of %”

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 21
  • Monthly Traffic = 16,086

THREE – Free Niche – Stickers, t-shirts Etc

This is not a great Amazon niche due to its questionable monetization ability but 2 sites were in the same niche and getting a lot of traffic with mediocre backlinks.

  • Domain Rating = 4
  • Referring Domains = 19
  • Monthly Traffic = 33,208

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 26
  • Monthly Traffic = 4,995

FOUR – Dogs

Surprisingly what many people think of as a competitive niche (pets) had 2 sites in the shortlist.

Despite the popularity of the niche it continues to prove to be a great niche to go into if you can find a good sub-niche. 

Here are 2 examples of pet niche sites that are doing well.

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 12
  • Monthly Traffic = 5,404

  • Domain Rating = 3
  • Referring Domains = 34
  • Monthly Traffic = 4,995.

FIVE – Musical Instrument

/// update /// When I first shared this post I received an email from the website owner who happens to be a WebsiteIncome subscriber. To help him out I have removed the URL.

This musical instrument review site focused on a specific instrument is performing reasonably well considering its weaker backlink profile. 

An attractive aspect of this site is the value some items sell for. However, it will be somewhat limited in expanding to other products.

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 32
  • Monthly Traffic =5,309

SIX – Men’s Accessory – Briefcase

Here is a site that has been stable for a long time. So it might not be the BEST niche based on this site as an example since the site has 4 years of history. 

However, the weak metrics and very buyer focused traffic would likely have this site doing quite well as an Amazon Affiliate site and a niche worth considering.

  • Domain Rating = 2
  • Referring Domains = 49
  • Monthly Traffic =5,228

SEVEN – Survival Gear Review

Granted this niche is likely getting a push over the last 6 months due to COVID but this growth rate for a new site with a weak backlink profile is interesting. 

Many of the keywords this site is ranking for is a combination of “best” or “survival” then a multitude of products Preppers Need. 

To create a content plan for a similar site look at the prepper gear lists people prepare online and then organize those products into categories. From those lists identify keywords for those products with the modifiers “best” or “survival” and you can have a fairly complete content plan with relative ease doing this.

  • Domain Rating = 3
  • Referring Domains = 42
  • Monthly Traffic = 7,939


Building a new amazon affiliate site in 2019/2020 has proven to be profitable for the examples above. 

My hope is that either seeing some successful sites demystifies the complexity of getting started and helps you get started. OR… if you have a site provides another way of thinking about how to identify a new site to start or content cluster to publish on your website. 

Let me know if you think I got any of this wrong.

Where To Sell Your Website For Free – 5 Options

Selling your website that is currently making you money is obviously a big decision. 

You have worked hard to produce valuable content, attract links(maybe), monetize it well, stress about Google Updates or commission changes and now you are ready to cash in. 

But, you don’t love the idea of…

  • Paying to submit your website to only maybe be able to sell it
  • Someone receiving a sizeable chunk of the value you have created
  • Jumping through endless hoops to get your website sold
  • Not being able to sell your website fast
  • Speaking on the phone with potential brokers and buyers

Instead of needing to pay up to $250 to submit your website to see if it is worthy of being listed for sale or paying a listing fee regardless of whether or not it sells, like Flippa, here are some alternatives. 

Here are 5 options that will allow you to sell your website for “free”

1. MotionInvest 

I am a part-owner so obviously biased but…

MotionInvest is the only online website broker that provides an option to sellers where they can sell immediately for a fair all-cash price. 

  • Zero Fees for direct sales
  • No Listing Fee’s Ever!
  • No waiting months
  • No phone calls or speaking with buyers
  • Ability to get top dollar for your site if we sell it on the marketplace

Have a look at the cash offer you will receive along with the other selling options using the MotionInvest valuation tool – Free Website Valuation Tool 

There is never a listing fee at MotionInvest. 

Special Short Term Promotion!

For the next 4 days, we are offering another industry first! Instead of charging you to submit your website to sell we will pay you $100 if you start the process of selling your website in the next 4 days and we either list it or end up buying it directly. 

2. Outreach – Sell to a Competitor

The second option to be able to sell your website for free is by selling to a competitor directly.

If you are deeply involved in the operations of your site then you already know who your current competitors are and which ones are investing heavily to try and beat you. 

They may be excited about the opportunity to quickly expand and could be interested to hear that you are thinking about selling. 

Since they already know how to successfully operate a website in the niche you are in they could be an ideal acquirer.

If this strategy is interesting here is a very detailed tutorial on how to execute cold outreach for sales that can be applied to sites in your niche.  

3. Outreach – Sell to a Customer or Partner

Depending on how your website is monetized this could be an interesting way to sell your site with no fees. For example, if it sells a product or service and has one large customer they may be interested in acquiring the business. 

This can be a very risky strategy since they will end up fully understanding what your margins are and negotiate down their price or value your business as if their revenue within your business did not exist. 

The other strategic acquisition opportunity would be to one of your monetization partners (ie affiliates). 

If for example, you are earning as an Amazon Affiliate website you are clearly not going to sell your website to Jeff Bezos, however, you could look to sell to the brands of the products you are promoting. If you are looking to sell a lead gen, affiliate or display advertising monetized website look at who you are generally sending traffic to and approach them to see if they are interested in selling. 

Again this tutorial will be helpful in performing cold outreach. 

4. Put a Banner on Your Website

Depending on your website you may already have someone interested in acquiring it visiting it. 

You can simply let people know using a header bar like HelloBar or other similar tools. 

As a side bonus of this approach, there are some people out searching for “website for sale” or similar versions so I would make sure the text is searchable and not an image.

Don’t be afraid to also let your email list know you are looking to sell, you never know who is on it and might be interested. 

As with all the strategies above there are some downsides to this approach. If for example, you have a brand people really resonate with people who may feel like you are abandoning them and that will do damage to the value of your website. 

If you do this make sure your contact form is working.

5. Facebook Groups to Sell a Website

There are several Facebook groups focused on getting private deals done for buying and selling websites. 

Most of these are focused on smaller content sites which might be an option for you.

Here are a few…

Putting your website into these groups is an option to get offers for a sale with no fees. 

But as with all option beware of both time vampires (people who suck up your time with no chance of actually buying) and scams. Using services like help but add a lot of costs to the sale process. 

Bonus Tip – Personal Network 

The last option to explore for selling your website with no fees is to let your personal network know you are looking to sell your business. 

If you have built a network of like minded people working on similar projects they may be interested in learning more about the website you are looking to sell. 


Selling your website is a process that takes planning, time and effort to be done well. 

It can be a very painful process that takes months, involves a lot of fees and wastes a TON of your time. 

Or… with some of the suggestions above it might turn into a smooth process that results in selling your website for free quickly.

If you are exploring selling your site I hope this article has helped and would recommend reading this in-depth guide to selling your website or visiting to get a free website valuation


Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Price Review and Test

In this post I am going to test out Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator and share my thoughts on the how it works, the price and if the price is worth it. 

Plus, Tyler Bishop from EZoic answers some of your tough questions about EZoic Site Speed accelerator. 

What is the Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator?

Technology provided by EZoic to help your website load much much faster. 

Is it a plugin? 

If you are using wordpress you can setup EZoic with wordpress. 

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Price:

The subscription for Ezoic Site Speed accelerator starts at $29.99/mo for sites with 50,000 pageviews or less and scales upwards from there.

Is it worth it? The short answer is if you are struggling with speed for an important site then it is definitely worth testing out!

How to Get Started:

  1. Create an Ezoic account.
  2. Integrate your website with Ezoic.
  3. Go to Site Speed Accelerator and activate
  4. Choose the “Recommended” settings.
  5. Test the preview URL to see your score.
  6. Activate the version on your live website.


  • Create a backup before getting started
  • Review your website before to ensure it is working as you believe it should be
  • Make Sure to check the site after and make sure everything is still working
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out for help… very responsive! 
  • If you are looking for a way to monitor your site speed checkout this tool a friend built

Results – Did it speed up my website?

This is what really matters! How did EZoic site speed accelerator impact my sites speed?

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Price Review and Test

Mobile Before & After

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Price Review and Test

Desktop Before and After

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Price Review and Test


Incredibly Fast – I am impressed with the speed increase! 

Super Easy – It literally took just one minute once my site was setup in EZoic. Running the site speed tests took longer than activating it. 

Simple Sites Work Best – The simpler the site… content + display ads the fewer the opportunities for things to break. However, if you have a few pages that might give you difficulty such as some eCommerce pages you can simply exclude those pages in the EZoic backend. 

Damn, I Suck! – Some of my site speeds suck! I really need to work on my site speed for some of my sites!  

Great value for people who want to be efficient with their time (don’t want to constantly be messing with CSS, image compression etc) and REALLY care about site speed for a site already having some success. 

EZoic Site Speed Accelerator FAQ:

I was able to ask Tyler Bishop from EZoic some tough questions about EZoic site speed accelerator and give him the opportunity to address some of the questions people have. 

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Price Review and Test

Doesn’t this just game the test and not actually speed up the site like Volkswagon did with emissions?

The Site Speed Accelerator is not tricking any tools. The tool is truly unique and provides unprecedented results because of meticulous attention to solving common speed issues for all sites while providing cutting-edge technology designed to optimize scripts and 3rd party calls. We actually had an engineering team work on this for a very long time and they continue to make updates to keep Ezoic users ahead of the curve. It makes common speed recommendations actually work on all sites.

Most solutions to speed up sites require multiple tools or plugins that need to be configured specifically to every site. What’s more, the combination of these tools can be costly and they are often ineffective together. This is especially true on sites with tons of exterior calls that can be pre-connected at their origin (tracking tags, ads, analytics). 

The Site Speed Accelerator, in every instance, will make the User Experience objectively faster. Everything relative to what the visitor needs from your website– meaning, the content, navigation, ability to interact with other elements on the page– all those things should load nearly instantly like they would for something like AMP or instant articles. The Accelerator uses a proprietary script delay to delay elements that are not as important to the user experience, this proprietary script delay also defers these less important scripts from loading in an order that actually is unique to every site. The order in which scripts are loaded can dramatically impact total page load time, so differing scripts that are unimportant to the user experience until after the visitor has had a chance to engage with the page is one of the reasons the Site Speed Accelerator works so well.

Do Ezoic ads slow down your site?

Ezoic is the fastest solution a site can use if they display ads. That’s something I think people might struggle to understand for a few reasons. One is because we have tens of thousands of customers. This includes sites using Ezoic to display ads for the first time and they don’t realize that ads slow all sites down. It doesn’t matter where the ads come from – a website with ads will objectively be slower than a website with no ads. Anything served out of DFP or Ad Manager will be slower than a single ad network tag on the page. That means that Ezoic and pretty much anyone doing sophisticated ad ops is going to be at a disadvantage in terms of ad loading versus those with unsophisticated or no ad set-up at all.

The second is that many sites using Ezoic fail to ever implement any of the best practices that allow us to help them dramatically impact speed in a positive matter (for free). Universally, sites using Ezoic are fast by every meaningful measure when these free features are in place… Nameserver or Cloudflare integrated 

  • Ezoic CDN/Caching is turned on
  • Caching is confirmed and plugins are disabled that conflict
  • Free Site Speed Accelerator features are enabled

Think about it this way too, Google makes $88 billion a year (and rising) from advertising. It sounds self-serving to say that speed is the most overrated and overblown metric we see publishers worry about, but that factually accurate. SEO is complex, but the fastest page on earth is a blank page and it’s not a good result for any query. There are a lot of things we’ve observed that are far more important and it’d be naive to think Google would penalize any site for the speed impact of their number one source of revenue.

What is the price for Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator and why isn’t it included? 

The Site Speed Accelerator is free. I don’t think this is well known. There are a few paid features we added because they replace the multitude of tools we saw about 60% of our customers already paying for that were totally ineffective at delivering results. 

So, we decided to invest in solving this problem for sites that may already be paying for stuff that didn’t work very well. To do this, we offered on a tiered plan based on the traffic levels of the user. The subscription starts at $29.99/mo for sites with 50,000 pageviews or less and scales upwards from there.

The paid product includes features that have a cost to us for implementing — aside from the time and energy it took our product team to develop something no one else can actually deliver — like serving images in next-gen formats, processing and compressing all the 3rd-party scripts on the page. This along with features we continue to add so that Ezoic customers can have a truly fast mobile page speed score without doing tricks like not loading ads on the first page and other silly things that cost publishers a lot of money.

How do Ezoic ads compare to other display advertising options in terms of speed?

Ezoic sites are literally some of the fastest on the web when displaying ads. We have customers with speed scores higher than just about every major brand publisher not using Ezoic. What’s more, our customers using the Site Speed Accelerator blow away any other sites using 3rd-parties or adops teams to implement sophisticated ad setups.

There are next to zero sites on the web with speed scores on mobile above 80 that display any kind of ads. If you take a website and put ads on the site, no matter where they come from, that website will objectively be slower. That being said, Ezoic provides tons of free speed features that aren’t provided anywhere else, like a free CDN and advanced caching tools. 

Could you make these changes yourself (CSS optimization, image compression, caching) what is the advantage of using Ezoic Site Speed accelerator vs doing yourself?

It actually works. Seriously, most sites trying to optimize speed can relate to lots of tools and plugins breaking their site or taking lots of tweaks before they make any meaningful difference. With the Site Speed Accelerator, you can instantly implement best practices for website speed like Critical CSS, Lazy loading images, Next-Gen Formats, Resizing images, Pre-connecting origins, Script delay, Ad delay, Lazy loading iframes, and more all in the matter of a few Minutes. 

There are no other tools on the web that can replicate this on all sites with ads. If you are technically advanced, you could probably figure out how to do all of this on your own if you dedicated enough days to complete the job.

The benefit of Site Speed Accelerator is it’s like a one-stop shop for speed. Instead of having separate plugins or scripts that minify CSS, serve images in next-gen formats, remove unused CSS, etc. etc., the Site Speed Accelerator has all those features and more baked into a single tool that is designed to work as easy as “on and off”.

This is a benefit to both the publisher’s day-to-day and the objective speed of their site. Because it’s known that, especially with plugins, the more you have, the longer TTFB becomes since plugins have to make callbacks to the origin server to execute.

Can I still use Cloudflare with an Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator? 

Absolutely, Ezoic is a certified Cloudflare partner and one of our highly recommended integration options.

Will the Ezoic Site Speed accelerator break my website?

No. We are diligently working every day to solve one-off’s and other instances where it’s not as easy to implement as flipping a switch. It’s a hard problem to solve. Really, it’s like finding a vaccine that works and is safe for everyone. Sometimes, you find examples where it might not work in particular instances the way it’s designed, but we will usually fix that within hours, or days at the most.

How can you achieve these results with different hosting providers, site setups, etc? Not really. Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator is the only speed-enhancing tool that uses machine learning to continuously optimize your website speed over time and accounts for things, like ads. As I explained in above, you could implement these best practices with a combination of multiple different speed plug-ins, or learn to code and troubleshoot these practices yourself. 

Even then, you would be missing out on the power of machine learning and unlikely to get it right without a lot of heartache.

Ezoic learns how visitors behave and can actually get faster for different visitors over time. This element of the Site Speed Accelerator would be close to impossible to achieve on your own. Fortunately, you can implement this on your site with the press of a button. – Make More Money With Your Money Site

I have had a constant problem with my portfolio – monitoring all of them! 

There have been times where a solid money site has gone 6+ months with an important link that used to make money not working! 

Today I am introducing SiteBuddy for the first time. 

When I first used this tool I was shocked at how much work was needed to fix up even my most important(closely monitored) sites in my portfolio!

What is shocking is that NO ONE has run their site through and not had opportunities to fix things and make more money.  100% of sites that have been run through the tool had opportunities for making more money identified!

We have built a tool to help you monitor your money site for the things that matter…

  • Get notified if you are losing money
  • Make more money (as an amazon affiliate initially)
  • Stay compliant 

Signup at

Make More Money!

It is starting as a tool to help you make more money with your amazon affiliate site but has plans to grow into more! 

Your Money Site Is Losing Money… It Doesn’t Need To!

Monitoring your money sites is hard!  

You work your ass off to get traffic to your site and then end up not efficiently monetizing the traffic.  Here are just some of the problems we all experience…

  • Affiliate links break
  • You link to a product that is now out of stock
  • You link to a deleted product
  • Your affiliate link tag is missing or wrong
  • Sites go down
  • Your affiliate disclaimer is missing on pages

We are generally seeing 2.5-10% of links on quality sites are missing tags and up to 40% of the product people are linking to is out of stock!

See the case studies below for examples.

How Does SiteBuddy Make You More Money?

SiteBuddy monitors your site weekly (not just a one-off scan) to ensure all links to Amazon are…

  • Using the proper affiliate tags
  • Linking to a product in stock
  • Linking to a product that hasn’t been deleted
  • Each page that has an Amazon link also has an earnings disclaimer

See the case studies below for details on the increase in earnings some sites can achieve! 


The team behind SiteBuddy is worth introducing now. 

Conor – Co-Founder CTO – Conor identified the opportunity and has been building this tool. 

Brady – Co-Founder CMO – Brady is deep in the trenches of building Amazon Affiliate sites both at and for his own portfolio. He talks with more money site owners then anyone I know and deeply understands their pain points! 

See the SiteBuddy story here

Our Commitment to Transparency!

We are committed to sharing everything with an uncomfortable level of transparency as SiteBuddy gets built out!

  • Monthly Update – Brady will be sharing a monthly update, signup at to follow along on the journey
  • Real-Time Dashboard – We are all inspired by companies that share EVERYTHING… we will be doing the same here (coming soon)
  • Public Roadmap – Definitely has some downsides but we want to be sharing the vision for what SiteBuddy will become beyond just an amazon affiliate link monitoring tool. The entire team will be eager to receive feedback 
  • Public Objectives and Key Results – In the monthly update and on the website we will be 

Follow The SiteBuddy Journey – Signup Here

Our Commitment to Always Add Value

  • A Useful 100% Free Tool – Don’t you hate when there is a free tool that comes short of adding any value. If you have a smaller site the free tool will 100% be enough for you forever!  
  • Stupid Guarantee – For pro users, we guarantee you will make more money or its free!
  • Only Actionable Suggestions – Unlike the many tools we use that flood us with data… if there is a problem that SiteBuddy recommends you fix, you can be confident fixing it will result in your making more money!   

How Effective is SiteBuddy – Case Studies

Here are just a few examples. In 100% of the cases for sites we have scanned there have been opportunities for improved earnings. 

NO sites were error-free…see if yours will be the first at

Every site that has used SiteBuddy has been able to earn more money implementing the changes recommended! 

Case Study 1 – 30%+ Of Products Out of Stock and 7%+ Missing Tags!

  • URL – hidden
  • Affiliate Disclaimer – No Issues
  • Affiliate Links – 592 Missing Tags 
  • Products – 285 Out of Stock and 84 Deleted

Fixing these issues should immediately increase the monthly earnings of this site by 10-40% (depending on how much traffic each of the pages in question receives). 

Case Study 2 – 20% of Products Have Issues and 3% of Links Are Missing Tags

  • URL – hidden
  • Affiliate Disclaimer – No Issues
  • Affiliate Links – 592 Missing Tags
  • Products – 285 Out of Stock and 84 Deleted  

Case Study 3 – Spencer Haws Case Study – 27% of Products Have Issues

  • URL – (case study post)
  • Affiliate Disclaimer – No Issues
  • Affiliate Links – 86 Missing Tags
  • Products – 447 Out of Stock and 74 Deleted   

Signup For

Free Regular Account

If You Don’t Make More Money with It Is Free

Saving Time & Making More Money with the AMZ Image Plugin for WordPress

Making sure you stay compliant with the Amazon to protect your Amazon Affiliate earnings is no easy feat. Working efficiently with the Amazon affiliate program and your wordpress site is always something you need to be careful with! Here is a great tool to help you increase conversions and make your website look great to visitors!

As an online business owner, you are constantly finding ways that you can improve your website’s value to readers, increase your monthly income, and essentially convert more users into buying products on Amazon. Part of how you can improve conversion rates and higher sales each month is dependent upon how you format your website and craft each post with the user intent in mind.

One of the things you need on any niche site are quality images that contain your affiliate links without risking your Amazon Associate’s account. If you aren’t already routinely using images to direct your readers over to Amazon, or are burdened by the time commitment involved in doing so, you might be interested in using a plugin like AMZ Image. Below, we will cover all that you need to know about why this is my go-to plugin. Check it out since it will save you a ton of time and help you make more affiliate commissions. 

What is the AMZ Image Plugin?

If you are already using images on your website, then they are probably from stock-photos or you manually download and upload them to your site to make things like Alt-tags, centering the image, and so on. In just about any case, though, there is a pretty hefty time commitment. Not to mention, it is risky to upload pictures from Amazon to your site manually as this can even cause account closure since it’s a breach of their terms. Enter the AMZ Image Plugin, which is 100% Amazon compliant and much faster to use than any alternatives, since you don’t have to leave the WordPress editor to insert Amazon product images. 

Here are some of the main features we find in the AMZ Image plugin:

  • Instant product images for your WordPress website
  • 100% compliant with Amazon’s API
  • Installs right to your WordPress website in a few clicks

Anybody who wants a smoother and more efficient experience while editing posts and inserting images will enjoy using AMZ Image since it makes it as easy as touching a button and selecting your product to put in your images. This will save you lots of time going over to Amazon and doing this manually by downloading the images and uploading them to your site on your own. 

Why Use AMZ Image? Top 5 Benefits

Using AMZ Image is practical for those who are already approved for Amazon Associates, but need a better way to input images on their site that include their affiliate links following the Associate’s Program Operating Agreement. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not this plugin will work best for your business’ needs, let’s consider some of the main benefits that this plugin provides. 

1. Images Increase Conversions

It has been widely reported throughout authorities on the matter that having quality images on your site increases conversions. In one instance, images have been shown to increase conversions by at least 27%. Also, click-throughs have been increased by 95% simply by throwing in some pictures of the product being discussed. 

Think of this as a customer. If you find your way to a niche site, you are probably already in a buying mood and are simply seeking some quality information on the product. If all you see are large blocks of content with no clear description or critical feedback on the product being discussed, you will probably go back to Google and find a different site to reference. 

However, those who have images, bullet points, use bold text, and separate their paragraphs well to make the content easily skimmed through will have better results. Using the AMZ Image plugin is a great way to put up quality images on your content that is attractive and proven to generate clicks.  

2. Saves You Time

If you have already gotten sick of going back forth between Amazon and your website to put up images, then AMZ Image is the tool that you might have been waiting for all this time. As we can see below, adding in an image is as easy as clicking a button on the top of your page builder. Instead of clicking “Add Media” and uploading the image manually, AMZ Image will embed the image on your site for you. 

Even if you are accustomed to using the SiteStripe feature on Amazon directly, this plugin is still faster. This is because it can help you manually adjust settings like adding in a “no-follow” tag, alt-text, and so on, without hefty work adjusting the coding on your site or ever leaving your WordPress site in the first place. These sorts of features are great for those that aren’t as tech-savvy but still want to optimize their site’s potential for success. 

3. Compliant with Associates Program Operating Agreement

One of the top concerns that people have before using a plugin that works with an Amazon niche site is whether or not it will impact their good-standing status as an Amazon Associate. Since AMZ Image utilizes Amazon API and complies 100% with the Associate’s Agreement, you will be able to use this plugin with some peace of mind. 

You will never have to worry about this plugin harming your good reputation as an Associate. The developers of AMZ Image monitor all the latest developments in the Operating Agreement to ensure their plugin will never get your Associate account banned from Amazon. 

4. Updated Version Works with Gutenberg and All Versions of WordPress

If you are using the new Gutenberg page builder and/or the latest version of WordPress, you will not have to worry about compatibility issues with the AMZ Image plugin. The plugin developers stay up-to-date with all the latest WordPress updates to ensure that they can meet the needs of a diverse range of website owners. Especially the ones that use modern tools like the Gutenberg page builder. 

5. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you want to check that the plugin will work on your website, then you are welcome to a 30-day money back guarantee. Just install it on your website to make sure it works before the 30-days are up. This will give many people the peace of mind they need since you have plenty of time to test it out. 

Your Associates Account Must Be Active

Before you head over to your WordPress dashboard to install this plugin, there are some factors that you should be aware of. To use the AMZ Image plugin, you need to have an active Associates account with sales in the past 30-days. Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect your account to the plugin and add in images. The AMZ Image plugin works by connecting directly with your Associate’s Account. 

Otherwise, the plugin would not be able to credit your affiliate account with any sales that are directed towards Amazon from clicking on one of the images. If your account is still under review, make sure that it gets accepted before you start using the AMZ Image plugin for your website. 

Current AWI Users Get an Exclusive Discount (15% Off)

If you are reading this right now, then then you will be able to access a 15% discount on the AMZ Image plugin. Since the plugin already comes at a pretty fair price, this extra discount might help lessen any potential financial burden that purchasing a premium plugin would entail. 

To be able to access this discount, you will need to click “Buy Now” and navigate into the checkout screen. Once you are at checkout, you will notice that the discount is applied automatically for you. 

Want to Learn More About AMZ Image?

As we explored above, the AMZ Image plugin is a great way to save yourself some time as an Amazon Associate by putting images up on your site in an efficient manner that avoids manual downloading and uploading. If you are still unsure about whether or not this plugin is right for your needs, you are invited to check out the official AMZ Image website and learn more about the features and latest pricing straight from the AMZ Image team.