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August Income Report

August was the type of month I like most where I felt like we were pushing hard on lots of fronts and risking more then we have been recently and the result was some big wins and some big failures!

As an old ski racing coach liked to say…

If you are not falling occasionally you aren’t trying to go fast enough!

Another month and another little canoe trip! 3 done this year and only 1 left.

Below is my income and business report for Aug…

Hopefully, this post will shed some light on how I build/operate my online business and gives you some useful insights. There are plenty of areas for improvement in my business and I try to highlight these as well!


The Business “Divisions” For My Online Business:

  1. Money Site Portfolio
  2. AuthorityWebsiteIncome Blog
  3. Services – Web Development, Content Marketing & Link Building:
  4. Amazon FBA Business
    • Brands 1-6 – All have specific targets for 2017
    • ListingEagle – Amazon FBA Hijacking and Suppression Monitoring
  5. Put Outside Capital to Work Efficiently in the Online Asset Space


Key Successes

  1. & LiveChatNinjas.comWith a ne manager for (managed phone support for Shopify stores) and (managed chat support for Shopify stores) they had a good month in terms of showing a very positive ROI for customers who are using them. One customer generated an additional $11k in revenue (tracked with a coupon code exclusively used by our agents) while only costing $2k (150% ROI)!
  2. Link and PBN Sales to Agencies – Our systems focus combined with our North American project manager in the same time-zone is a great fit for a lot of SEO agencies and has resulted in several large PBN/Link sales going through.
  3. Performance of Content for ContentRefined – We have seen some great results for the content we have produced for ContentRefined customers. Our continued focus on the science of content marketing and really digging into creating articles that will predictably perform well in Google is continuing to pay off. If you are looking at a solution to get consistent content that ranks well in Google checkout ContentRefined!

Key Failures

  1. Hiring – Two people decided that our unique structure was not for them after we offered them a job! This was a blow to both our plans and our ego as we were fairly sure that they would be a good fit and were shocked the combination of the perks, massive growth opportunity plus reasonable pay was a winning combination. But, what we found was that although there is tons of work/life flexibility the job is always on and that isn’t the right fit for a lot of people!
  2. Lost a Deal – There was a very attractive deal we didn’t notice initially and then when we did notice it there was a bidding war we lost on. It was a really attractive business/deal and would have been a great fit into our portfolio!
  3. Wasted Due Diligence Effort – There was a deal that was looking promising but as we dug into the due diligence we saw MANY issues… we had to walk away from it after spending considerable effort on reviewing it. Many of the numbers weren’t lining up and the profit margin advertised was 50% of what it actually was!


2017 Business Goals

Below is my businesses main goals for 2017…

Part 1 – Passive Authority & Niche Website Income Profit/Loss

3 Goals in 2016 for my Website Portfolio Business

  1. Everyone Win at the Mortgage Crushing Competition

Aug Update – The traffic decline I had been experiencing is flat lining.

  • Traffic = 7,662
  • Earnings = $85.34

2. Buy 1 Site Per Month

Aug Update – Slow month in terms of decent quality sites coming my way for sale. Happy with the purchases done this year but always like to add a site whenever I can!

  • GOAL = 1 New Website Purchased
  • ACTUAL = 0 New Website Purchased

If any readers are looking to sell their profitable site(s) VERY QUICKLY let me know by emailing me. I can let you know in 12hrs if I am interested and complete the purchase in 24-48hrs – Contact Me Here

I have found the right sellers are those…

  • Desire a simple/efficient/non-invasive sales process (no option is easier to sell to)
  • Looking to sell FAST (under 24hrs has been accomplished!) (shorter time for due diligence on my end increases risk for me)
  • Not wanting to spend a lot of time on the sales process (analytics and income proof is all I need)
  • SEO done to the site can be questionable and that increased risk will be reflected in the sales price
  • Understand that the benefits of the bullet points above means the sales multiple will be lower than if you went a more traditional route

If you have a profitable website you are looking to sell fast please let me know

3. Scalable New Site Creation Strategy adds $5k to Portfolio

Aug Update – Great movement on the traffic but still lots of work left to be done on improving the sites in this projects earnings!

Still starting from 0 and now having a group of sites with 64k monthly unique visitors in 2017 is a pretty solid success!

  • Traffic – 64,081
  • Earnings – $193.55


Aug Update – Solid month and we are gearing up for what I plan to be a very solid Q4 for the portfolio!

Part 2 – Authority Website Income Blog Profit/Loss

3 Goals in 2015 for

  1. Post Once Per Week

Aug Update – Only 3 posts this month but very happy with the depth of some of these posts. Definitely trying to push the level of quality to new levels here on the site without slipping on the publishing schedule!

2. Systematic Promotion of my Content and Building of my List

Aug Update – No Progress

3. Increased Intelligence with Email Automation

Aug Update – No Progress


Aug Update – 11,749

Part 3 – Services Business Profit/Loss

  1. Systems First Focus

Aug Update – I continue to be very happy with my team and how they have embraced the systems and procedure first focus!

  1. – Quality and Efficiency Improvements

Aug Update – Based on many efficiency improvements we were able to secure some deals with some larger SEO agencies this month which was exciting!

Visit for Link Building Services!

  1. – 20k MRR by June & 40k MRR by End of Year

Aug Update – A dip in MRR is always scary but the business is still very solid and the dip is due to a few larger clients had to pause their orders. We are very optimistic about what we are seeing when it comes how the articles are performing in Google and thrilled with the feedback from many customers who are seeing their sites traffic growth!

  • Planned MRR = $26,667
  • Actual MRR = $22,810

Visit for Content Marketing Services

  1. Structurally Well Setup & New Offering Launched

Aug Update – Achieved – The TurnKey affiliate sites continue to sell very fast! Some exciting potential news on this business coming soon!


Part 4 – Amazon FBA Business

  • Brand #1 – HG – Running Lean and Spinning off Cash
    • Aug Update – Doing okay
  • Brand #2 – CF – Quarterly Dividends Ahead of Baseline
    • Aug Update – Picking up speed! $5k/week in sales right now and accelerating. The China factory crack down is going to hurt us I think.
  • Brand #3 – NT – Path To Strong Market Position and Successful Pillar Product
    • Aug Update – Failed Project
  • Brand #4 – CK – Systematic Growth to $20k/month Profit
    • Aug Update – Failed – Such a promising business and amazing results initially but things have turned on us!
  • Brand #5 – PC – Successful launch and $5k/month Business
    • Aug Update – Slow but growing
  • Brand #6 – SE – 4X Value Expansion with Dream Team!
    • Aug Update – Failed –
  •  – Hijack and Listing Suppression Monitoring Service
    • Aug Update – Steady business

Part 5 – Put Outside Capital to Work Efficiently

Aug Update – The businesses in the project are performing very well but the 2 deals we had on the table didn’t pan out as one slipped through our hands and the other we walked away from. Several hot ones right now on the table we will be looking at.

Overall Income Update

Original Monthly Net Income Target (original goal $15k/month reliable income by age 35)

  • Target Net Income = $11,625
  • Actual Net Income = $63,138
  • 2017 Average Net Income = $49,170

Gross revenue is a vanity number for my business and I do not share it.

Final Comments

A record month is always a good month!

With many big wins and losses in one month I am happy with the effort the entire team is putting into growing the business.

As of today, we have a new hire started and are excited for what we will be able to do with her added capacity. In addition, several new sales/marketing channels are planning on being opened up for the different businesses with some expected to fail but optimistic some will bear fruit!

About the Author Jon

I am a 36 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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