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Saving Time & Making More Money with the AMZ Image Plugin for WordPress

Making sure you stay compliant with the Amazon to protect your Amazon Affiliate earnings is no easy feat. Working efficiently with the Amazon affiliate program and your wordpress site is always something you need to be careful with! Here is a great tool to help you increase conversions and make your website look great to visitors!

As an online business owner, you are constantly finding ways that you can improve your website’s value to readers, increase your monthly income, and essentially convert more users into buying products on Amazon. Part of how you can improve conversion rates and higher sales each month is dependent upon how you format your website and craft each post with the user intent in mind.

One of the things you need on any niche site are quality images that contain your affiliate links without risking your Amazon Associate’s account. If you aren’t already routinely using images to direct your readers over to Amazon, or are burdened by the time commitment involved in doing so, you might be interested in using a plugin like AMZ Image. Below, we will cover all that you need to know about why this is my go-to plugin. Check it out since it will save you a ton of time and help you make more affiliate commissions. 

What is the AMZ Image Plugin?

If you are already using images on your website, then they are probably from stock-photos or you manually download and upload them to your site to make things like Alt-tags, centering the image, and so on. In just about any case, though, there is a pretty hefty time commitment. Not to mention, it is risky to upload pictures from Amazon to your site manually as this can even cause account closure since it’s a breach of their terms. Enter the AMZ Image Plugin, which is 100% Amazon compliant and much faster to use than any alternatives, since you don’t have to leave the WordPress editor to insert Amazon product images. 

Here are some of the main features we find in the AMZ Image plugin:

  • Instant product images for your WordPress website
  • 100% compliant with Amazon’s API
  • Installs right to your WordPress website in a few clicks

Anybody who wants a smoother and more efficient experience while editing posts and inserting images will enjoy using AMZ Image since it makes it as easy as touching a button and selecting your product to put in your images. This will save you lots of time going over to Amazon and doing this manually by downloading the images and uploading them to your site on your own. 

Why Use AMZ Image? Top 5 Benefits

Using AMZ Image is practical for those who are already approved for Amazon Associates, but need a better way to input images on their site that include their affiliate links following the Associate’s Program Operating Agreement. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not this plugin will work best for your business’ needs, let’s consider some of the main benefits that this plugin provides. 

1. Images Increase Conversions

It has been widely reported throughout authorities on the matter that having quality images on your site increases conversions. In one instance, images have been shown to increase conversions by at least 27%. Also, click-throughs have been increased by 95% simply by throwing in some pictures of the product being discussed. 

Think of this as a customer. If you find your way to a niche site, you are probably already in a buying mood and are simply seeking some quality information on the product. If all you see are large blocks of content with no clear description or critical feedback on the product being discussed, you will probably go back to Google and find a different site to reference. 

However, those who have images, bullet points, use bold text, and separate their paragraphs well to make the content easily skimmed through will have better results. Using the AMZ Image plugin is a great way to put up quality images on your content that is attractive and proven to generate clicks.  

2. Saves You Time

If you have already gotten sick of going back forth between Amazon and your website to put up images, then AMZ Image is the tool that you might have been waiting for all this time. As we can see below, adding in an image is as easy as clicking a button on the top of your page builder. Instead of clicking “Add Media” and uploading the image manually, AMZ Image will embed the image on your site for you. 

Even if you are accustomed to using the SiteStripe feature on Amazon directly, this plugin is still faster. This is because it can help you manually adjust settings like adding in a “no-follow” tag, alt-text, and so on, without hefty work adjusting the coding on your site or ever leaving your WordPress site in the first place. These sorts of features are great for those that aren’t as tech-savvy but still want to optimize their site’s potential for success. 

3. Compliant with Associates Program Operating Agreement

One of the top concerns that people have before using a plugin that works with an Amazon niche site is whether or not it will impact their good-standing status as an Amazon Associate. Since AMZ Image utilizes Amazon API and complies 100% with the Associate’s Agreement, you will be able to use this plugin with some peace of mind. 

You will never have to worry about this plugin harming your good reputation as an Associate. The developers of AMZ Image monitor all the latest developments in the Operating Agreement to ensure their plugin will never get your Associate account banned from Amazon. 

4. Updated Version Works with Gutenberg and All Versions of WordPress

If you are using the new Gutenberg page builder and/or the latest version of WordPress, you will not have to worry about compatibility issues with the AMZ Image plugin. The plugin developers stay up-to-date with all the latest WordPress updates to ensure that they can meet the needs of a diverse range of website owners. Especially the ones that use modern tools like the Gutenberg page builder. 

5. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you want to check that the plugin will work on your website, then you are welcome to a 30-day money back guarantee. Just install it on your website to make sure it works before the 30-days are up. This will give many people the peace of mind they need since you have plenty of time to test it out. 

Your Associates Account Must Be Active

Before you head over to your WordPress dashboard to install this plugin, there are some factors that you should be aware of. To use the AMZ Image plugin, you need to have an active Associates account with sales in the past 30-days. Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect your account to the plugin and add in images. The AMZ Image plugin works by connecting directly with your Associate’s Account. 

Otherwise, the plugin would not be able to credit your affiliate account with any sales that are directed towards Amazon from clicking on one of the images. If your account is still under review, make sure that it gets accepted before you start using the AMZ Image plugin for your website. 

Current AWI Users Get an Exclusive Discount (15% Off)

If you are reading this right now, then then you will be able to access a 15% discount on the AMZ Image plugin. Since the plugin already comes at a pretty fair price, this extra discount might help lessen any potential financial burden that purchasing a premium plugin would entail. 

To be able to access this discount, you will need to click “Buy Now” and navigate into the checkout screen. Once you are at checkout, you will notice that the discount is applied automatically for you. 

Want to Learn More About AMZ Image?

As we explored above, the AMZ Image plugin is a great way to save yourself some time as an Amazon Associate by putting images up on your site in an efficient manner that avoids manual downloading and uploading. If you are still unsure about whether or not this plugin is right for your needs, you are invited to check out the official AMZ Image website and learn more about the features and latest pricing straight from the AMZ Image team.

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