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How to Setup Amazon Affiliate Websites on WordPress

Today you will get to see exactly how to setup an amazon affiliate websites on wordpress with great looking and high converting pages.

Here is how to make some of the best looking and well converting amazon affiliate pages I have seen and today we are lucky enough to have person responsible for these pages share exactly how he does it.

Amazon is becoming a bigger part of my portfolio with my biggest month in December bringing in over $3k so it is a topic I am very much interested in!

My Amazon Affiliate Earnings Example

amazon affiliate site income

Over $3k Income in December from my Amazon Affiliate Sites

Tools I Use for my Amazon Affiliate WordPress Sites

For my own Amazon sites here are three tools I use to help make the creation of the sites easier and increase the money they earn…

  • Hosting – I use 2 hosts for a bunch of my sites. If I am just getting started a cheap and not awesome hosting company is IPage which works if you are getting started and then to upgrade to the best I use WPEngine.
  • SE Cockpit – My new favourite keyword research tool! This tool is fantastic at identifying low competition keywords and generating a TON of ideas and finding keywords extremely quickly!
  • Thrive Content Builder (best tool for easily making good looking posts) – Making pages that look good and adding in features like a pricing table is super easy with Thrive. No tool I have found is as effective as Thrive at making posts look good!
  • EasyAzon (a must for amazon sites) – Great for any sites linking to amazon to make both the linking easier, able to geo-target without doing any additional work and make more money through longer cookies. If my amazon sites were making $100/month this plugin would pay for itself in only a handful of months(based on some back of the envelope calcs)! Bottom line for me is if you are making money with Amazon Affiliate sites you should look into Easy Azon!
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • WordPress
  • Amazon Affiliate Disclosure – This Guide and Free Plugin will help ensure you stay compliant with Amazon’s terms.

(not surprising but 2 of the links above are affiliate links)

Done For You Services

  • Done for You Amazon Affiliate Sites – If you are new and don’t have a ton of time I like to use the analogy that you don’t go and build your own brick and mortar store one brick at a time bye hand. Using BrandBuilders affiliate site creation you can shortcut the learning process bye a few months and get started with a well setup site!


  • Amazon Associate Account Compliance Audit – Getting your account suspended is a REAL risk and it sucks! I have experienced it and had a staff member spend a couple weeks just digging into Amazons TOC to build an audit process to ensure our sites were compliant.
  • Backlinks for Your Site – Once you have a site with great content on it you need to let the search engines know that your content is good and the best way to do that is with links from other authoratative sites. Getting links to your site is a strategy I use to accelerate the success of my sites!

How To Setup Amazon Affiliate Sites

There are many ways to earn income from the Amazon affiliate program, but the method I use most is to select a niche with:

  • Low keyword competition (with buying intent)
  • High profit margin
  • Large number of reviews for the products

Many blogs have already discussed strategies on how to do this, but few people talk about how to optimize a site to maximize their amazon income from the traffic they are receiving. This is what I will be discussing today.

Why Should I Optimize My Site for Conversion?

You may think this is a silly question, but did you know that 95% of the built for amazon sites that I find online are throwing money away for having poorly optimized designs. What is the point of bringing traffic to your site if you can’t convert them?

By utilizing the strategies I’ll share below, I have been able to double and even triple my conversions and income.

Suffering From Low Website Conversion Syndrome?… Fix it!

baby cryMany people complain about having high bounce rates. If you’re running into this problem, ask yourself, “Does my site look like crap?” If the answer is yes, then you’re probably suffering from low website conversion syndrome.

** PRO TIP ** If the answer is no, you might be in denial… ask a friend and get a second opinion.

When it comes to making online purchases, trust is a huge factor, so a website that looks like it was thrown together by a blind monkey won’t suffice. Here are a few questions to consider.

  • Is my site Organized and Appealing?
  • Are my images high quality?
  • Is the quality of my content good enough to convince a person to actually buy this product?
  • Are there multiple opportunities on my page for someone to click my affiliate links?

Other Common Mistakes

Another common mistake is to lead people to Amazon too early. Most people that make Amazon affiliate sites will create a main page that quickly compares 3-5 products on a single page and then sends people directly to Amazon. This may seem good at first, however, you’re better off using that page to send people to inner pages within your site. By sending people to pages deeper on your site you are able to:

  • Increase time on site/Decrease bounce rate.
  • Seal the deal in convincing people to buy a product.
  • Build additional trust which will facilitate sales and lead to repeat customers/buyers.

Breaking Down a Good Amazon Product Page

After building and trying out many styles of pages, this style has worked the best for me.


This section of the page should summarize all the positives of the product in as few words as possible. It should give your audience a quick glance of the product and then immediately lead to your affiliate link. Try to keep your affiliate link ABOVE THE FOLD. This means that the visitor should not have to scroll down to see this link.This section is also a good place to put a features list if you can fit one. If not, you can put the features list below the fold and include another affiliate link immediately after it.Here’s what the overview section on a page of one of my sites looks like:

at a glance

  • Why this Works – This allows your visitor to see the big picture right away. This will grab in people who are hungry to buy and want to make a quick decision.


The body of your page should consist of 4 parts:

  • Image/Video – This helps grab/keep the attention of the visitor. It should be followed up with an affiliate link.
  • Pros – Write about all the positives of your product.
  • Cons – Write about any negatives of your product. The key is to be honest, without completely bashing the product. Consider using phrases like “A small amount of people who have reviewed this product have found ____”
    • ** PRO TIP ** – If a product has a flaw, don’t hide it. Address the concern and suggest alternate affiliate products that excel in this area.
  • Verdict – Come up with an overall rating of the product. Keep the overall rating honest.

Here’s what this might look like:

looks like

  • Why this works – This section gives people a chance to read a more detailed review of the product before making their decision. If you’ve made sure to make your post filled with quality images and content, then this can help build more interest and drive the nail home for people who are still unsure of making a purchase.

Ending With a Top 3 Comparison Chart

Ending with a Top 3 comparison chart is one of the most powerful things you can do. This chart can be used to:

  • Give the visitor additional options if they are not fully convinced.
  • Sell a visitor on a more expensive item.
  • Seal the deal on a current item.
  • Keep a visitor on your site longer.
  • Build additional trust in your expertise of the niche.
  • Introduce the visitor to other related products.

Here’s what this might look like:

top 3

Wrapping it Up

Using all of these methods, I have been able to significantly reduce bounce rate and drastically increase conversions and sales. Does it take more work to accomplish? Yes. However, the amount of work it takes is nothing compared to the return you get from doubling or tripling your income from the same amount of traffic.  Give it a try!

If you have questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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