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7 Ways to Make an Ass of Yourself in the Online Business World

The online world is a pretty amazing place… It is capable of sharing and showcasing some of the best of humanity – “people are awesome videos” “TED Talks” plus anyone can add value to world and build a business from anywhere – pretty amazing!

People Are Awesome Videos are always enjoyable

But with little control it is also a breeding ground for the worst (scams, extremism in all forms).

The online business world is no different! There are people who offer help and ask for little in return. However, there are people who simply determine ways to rip people off.

This is no surprise to you but I have decided to create a fun list of 7 ways to make an ass of yourself in the online business world…


7 Ways to Make an Ass of Yourself Online…


1. Never Add Value – Make sure to always be asking for something from someone else and never add value.

Derek Helpern had an interesting podcast talking about the three types of people in the world here.


2. Fake it Till You Make It – Don’t have anything useful to offer? No problem, just fake it until you make it. If you aren’t successful but want to be just pretend like you are. Make sure to talk about the big house you live in and how much money you make but be sure to leave out any transparent details.


3. Mislead people and trick them into monthly recurring costs – This is one is great, make sure to offer something for a low monthly price but then bait and switch and get them into a recurring monthly fee.


4. Be rude to people and start fights with people to gain attention – If you are struggling to get attention online it’s simple just start slandering people and writing controversial posts.


5. Don’t actually share the details about what you have to offer – Just rely on emotional appeal alone to sell something. You don’t really need to have anything to sell just point out repeatedly how crappy your potential customers situation is and say you can solve it with a cheap product.

The science of persuasion is pretty interesting stuff and can be used for good but also abused.


6. Use fake testimonials – This is really a must, since we have a crappy product and trick customers into monthly recurring fees we can’t get real testimonials so we can easily just write our own.

Here is a good article about testiphonials and if you enjoy this post I am sure you will enjoy the salty droid.


7. Rip off other peoples work and call it your own – Coming up with an original idea or expanding on one takes up too much time so it is far easier to just re-write other peoples information. This way you can spend more time writing long sales pages and thinking of ways to trick people into giving you more money.


I obviously write this satirically but I don’t mean to be arrogant/dismissive…this is a real problem and challenge for people.

There are times where I have certainly slid closer than I would like to admit to some of these (never crossed the line). For example, I have added limited value on micro niche sites and wrote controversial (but accurate) posts (FAFSA Scam post), promoted products on micro niche sites because they would sell without verifying their benefit independent of their reviews. However, I have had more fun and my most most financially rewarding projects have been where I was providing value to people and not breaking any of the above rules.

Comparing people that are unlikely to have done many of the steps above (Pat Flynn/Empire Flippers come to mind among many many others) to those that do follow the 7 steps to being an ass online (EmpowerNetwork, Vic, Countless WSO’s) it is clear that it is more profitable and more fun to go the route of not following the 7 steps listed above.


  • Do you think people who follow those 7 rules and make an ass of themselves online end up richer or happier?


  • Is this still a problem or is everyone’s BS detectors advanced enough now that we don’t have to worry about the small % that follow these rules?

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I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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