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7 Tips To Come Up With Creative Blog Names [Updated]

Before planning to start a new blog, it is necessary to have a nice & creative blog name appropriate to your domain. Domain name is the identity of your blog just as your name. Before you come up with any name, you should have the proper plan on which your content will be based. Once you have the proper plan for your website then it is easy to find the domain name for your blog or website. If you are creating a blog then you will definitely go with the hosting services for better reliability and performance. Most of the time people get stuck in the analysis of finding creative blog names while creating blog due to lack of resources or lack of ideas about their main domain. As you have to take care of your audience as well. On the basis of your blog name and the content within the blog will lead to better traffic flow on the blog.

Things which are to be considered while choosing the creative blog names

If you are heading to select the creative name same as your domain then it’s worth to think about what your blog content will be based. I have mentioned the things which should be considered while choosing the name, 1.    What is the point of the subject of your blog? 2.    Who is the targeted audience? 3.    What is your main emphasis or significance? 4.     Are you creating blog name on the basis of your brand? 5.    Are you building keyword-based blog name? Above mentioned questions will be kept in mind while creating a blog name. If you are able to focus on all the aspect relevant to your main domain then you will definitely come up with the creative blog name.

How to come up with the creative blog names

As common process behind all the task – Planning, Analysing, and Implementation. In this case, planning of blog name will be the first step while creating one. People might face many problems earlier because of lack of tools and technology and sometimes due to lack of creative ideas or unrecognition of their main domain. As nowadays many blog generating tools are available which help you to find a good blog name for your website or blog. Once you will get your niche blog name, you will able to create more effective areas on your blog. Here, I have mentioned some of the tips to find out the good blog name,

#1. Grab compatible Wordbook

If you are going to build the blog on fashion and style whichever related to your niche then it is necessary to have wordbook of that particular domain.
Here, Fashion is the domain then the compatible words will be style, clothing, designer, pattern, footwear, lifestyle, glamour, outfits etc.
Compatible words will give less difficulty in remembrance and also create a good impression to the audience. If possible, use the unique words which are short and simple related to your niche. It should not that common which makes your task tricky while combining two keywords in one name. For example, if any word from compatible words is picked out, say Style. Once the keyword is chosen then you should go for keyword overview.
If stylein is chosen as the blog name then difficulty score is 44. It means it is the less tough keyword to compete in ranking results. you will see the suggested keyword at the bottom of the which, you can choose accordingly looking at difficulty and volume. In above picture, there are suggested keywords with the monthly volume. In case of stylein keyword, there will be less difficulty so it is easy to rank. there is 66% chances to rank in top 20. Like, it sounds long but easy in remembrance because it merges common words such as Pretty + little + Thing. However, you should try to give the blog name short like and which combines simple and common words.

#2. Targeted Audience

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The audience plays a vital role in the effective performance of your blog. As they judge on the basis of content and it’s design or how you have displayed your content. Taking an example of fashion then you will have audience age of about 15-30. As now you know your audience and their taste then you can easily get the effective traffic on your blog. You have to use some of the trendy and cool words as your audience will be almost youth. However, if you will use some conventional words which are not relevant to your niche then it will be difficult for the audience to specify your blog. If you will create the blog name by looking your audience and their taste then that will be benefited.

#3. Brandable name

As you will find mostly brandable names which represent a particular community or product or brand. Authorized sites have a brandable domain name such as Google and Twitter. Using cluttered words in your blog names will lead the wrong impression on your readers or visitors.
brandable-name-stillmadeinbratain-blog-names, this name doesn’t define the category of any brand so making a meaningful name by connecting words which can be easily understood and remembered too.
In the keyword overview, this keyword contains very less monthly volume. PD( Paid difficulty) is very low and SEO difficulty is very high so there will be less possibility in ranking.
Fashion is the domain then or or will be short and simple creative blog names suitable to your niche.

#4. Look at your competitor’s blog name

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Usually, people always believe in comparison at some extent. But when it comes to competition, they want to come two steps ahead from their competitors as tug of wars. If the competitor’s blog name is more creative and contains meaningful verbs then you should inspire from them to use not the same word but relative words to your own niche. Well, it may possible that your competitor has a different niche then you. But looking for keywords relevant to your domain is a must while creating the blog. Rather than putting common words, find innovative but easy in pronunciation will be good and appropriate for one blog.

#5. Keyword-based name

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This is conventional practice to come up with the keyword-based blog names but it still has some importance nowadays. You can search for keywords related to the domain and go for its difficulty and competition for ranking purpose.
keyword analysis and comparison of stylein and in style fashion
In the above picture, there are suggested keywords with the monthly volume. Compared to in style fashion, stylein has less monthly traffic volume and higher SEO difficulty score. In style fashion has CPC(cost per click) and PD (Paid difficulty) is more so it has 72% chances to rank in the top 20. stylein has 66% chances to rank in the top 20 which is lower than in style fashion so you can go for In style fashion.
Monthly search volume of stylein
Keywords increase the traffic flow on your blog which is the most important factor for the blogger to explore their ideas. The keyword with less competition will lead to enhancing rank on board but more difficulty and competition will create the wrong combination. There are lots of tools available for keyword checking, you can easily go through them and find one keyword relevant to your domain.

#6. Use your name

Using your own name in blog name is beneficial as it represents your identity related to your domain and interest. If you are putting your name in blog name then the audience will definitely recognize your interest from your blog. It should be a long run basis because if your point of interest is defining multiple choices then it may not be fruitful for you to use your name.
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For example, is in the list of best storytelling blogs. It defines author’s point of view and thoughts he is putting within the content.

#7. Use Iterative words

Iterative words are more attractive and caught by the brain so frequently. The alliteration of words within the blog name is the effective way of combining two words with the perfect match. That creates the uncluttered combination of the word for ease in remembrance. For fashion blog names, you can go for iterative words like kylestyle, gritoutfit


As I have mentioned all things which are to be considered as well as the tips. Tips will help you in the selection of the good blog names of any niche if you will analyze every keyword. After analyzing keyword overview and comparing it with competitive one from the list, it is easy to come up with the creative blog names. Hope the information helps you.

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