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7 Great AMP plugin for WordPress You Need To Try

Website developers should make their website’s usability with better optimization in every device. The designed and features can be optimized in such a way that visitors can take the advantages of flexible and smooth usability of features.

The accelerated Mobile page or AMP plugin for WordPress is designed to ensure better usability from the mobile view for users. The utilization of plugins will make sure the loading time of web page along with the features.

Nowadays, The more importance is given to tablet and mobile view rather than the desktop version. Though it is being observed that more than 50 % of web pages are loaded with the smartphone.

Best AMP plugin for WordPress

So to make your web page phone friendly, we have mentioned the best AMP plugin for WordPress. That will ensure the speed of loading time as well as better usability.

1. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Page


AMP for WP will make your website faster in the mobile view with additional functionality. The plugin will ensure more engagement on the web page with many social media supports.

The plugin will instantly optimize your web page on the mobile view with many extensions support. The useful extensions for better AMP features include AMP AdSense support, Email opt-in support, Call to action support.

The special feature of the plugin is custom AMP. That will allow web developers to customize the effective page design, content, and update. Moreover, it consists of a drag & drop page builder for layout and quick user experience.

AMP for WP also ensures the SEO support which enhances the SEO rating and improves the SERP ranking. The SEO plugins include Yoast SEO support, Genesis SEO support.

It also includes other advanced features such as AMP theme Framework support, AMP installation wizard, carousel support for gallery. You can easily add ads to your mobile version by Google AdSense (AMP-AD) support.

The social media extension support includes YouTube video embed support, vine embeds support, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram embed support.

The AMP for WP plugin requires WordPress 3.0 or higher version.

2. AMP by AMP project contributors


AMP plugin for WordPress is provided with great capabilities and advanced customization tools. The plugin ensures fast and high performance across distribution platforms.

The plugin consists of the compatibility tools for web page content. It is provided to assist the development of AMP experiences which also detects the bugs or errors occurs.

However, they have mentioned that AMP plugin will not redirect the mobile devices to AMP versions. The Amp version is served for mobile visitors found on the platform such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google search, etc.

You will also find theme supports which allows you to reuse the active theme’s templates and stylesheets consisting of all the WordPress features. However, three different templates are also available on the plugin – Native, translational, reader.

When the mode is translational and reader, the page will have a corresponding AMP URL. The other advanced features include CSS tree shaking, Core theme support, Gutenberg support, and many optimizations.

The plugin requires WordPress 4.9 or higher version and PHP 5.4 or higher versions.

3. AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress


AMP WP plugin is the also best AMP plugin for WordPress. The plugin ensures the 5X faster the loading time of web page on mobile.

The plugin consists of many features such as Gutenberg support, full google AMP support, embed the images, videos, audios from any social media platform, etc. it also includes the native template functionality.

You can effectively customize the layout of the front page of AMP. The plugin provides the easy customization tools for developers to access such as custom CSS options, lightbox for images, customizable color scheme, etc.

The third-party analytics tracks the visitors such as Google analytics, Adobe analytics, segment analytics, Alexa metrics, etc. however the plugin will compatible with the jetpack plugin and all cache plugin.

For enhancing SEO, it supports Yoast SEO and other SEO plugins. The layout of the webpage with other elements such as author name, thumbnail, dates, tags can be easily customizable with one click of show/hide.

The AMP WP plugin requires WordPress 4.9.6 or higher version and PHP 5.6 or higher version.

4. AMP it up – Powerful AMP Plugin


AMP it up is AMP plugin for WordPress which creates Google compliant AMP version for the web page. The plugin ensures fully mobile optimization of the site.

The plugin utilizes the AMPHTML-Tool by for customizing the AMP version of subpages. For better user experience it provides AMP version of the web page under the same domain as the classic webpage.

The plugin also uses the SSL certificate via HTTPS protocol for security while creating the AMP version. For tracking the site mobile traffic, it supports Google analytics and creates the sharing option of social media.

The picture contains in the content of the webpage can be easily swiped through by AMP- carousel. However, you will also get live updates of the site whether the newer version of the web page exists on the search engine.

The videos can be easily embedded in content as the integration of YouTube and Brightcove is provided. Iframe content feature ensures the AMP pages loaded over an HTTPS connection.

The AMP it up plugin requires WordPress 2.0 or higher versions.

5. Better AMP – WordPress complete AMP


The Better AMP plugin provides the faster loading time of web page. The plugin supports many advanced features for making flexible and better usability.

The pages, posts, other categories, tags, author pages will be easily customized with live preview. Moreover, the plugin supports RTL language also.

It also consists of social media integrations which allow users to share the post in AMP version. Though it also updates the users whether the site is under maintenance or any other issues.

The plugin provides the support of Automatic AMP to show the AMP URLs.

The Better AMP plugin requires WordPress 3.0 or higher version.

6. AMP on WordPress – WeeblrAMP CE


AMP on WordPress is also effective AMP plugin for WordPress. The plugin will allow you to create fully featured AMP version supporting many customizable tools.

The plugin provides many options to customize the post, tags, archives, and categories. The premium edition also provides email supports such as MailChimp for WP, WooCommerce.

However, the plugin consists of the analytic support for tracking the mobile traffic, ads,, beaver builder, jetpack compatible.

For SEO support to AMP version, the plugin supports Yoast SEO. Web developers will have templates, 70+ filters, and actions for customizing the layout.

The AMP on WordPress requires WordPress 4.5 or higher version and PHP 5.3 or higher version.

7. Templatic-Google-AMP


The templates plugin is AMP plugin for WordPress which supports many effective features. The plugin will utilize the templatic template for AMP version automatically.

If the AMP mode is got enabled then it will dynamically create the AMP URL for the web page. It also ensures the faster page loading time in the AMP version.

Like other AMP plugin for WordPress, it also supports Google Analytics for user tracking. You will see the different options available such as header code, footer codes for customizing the elements and embed the codes.

The templatic plugin requires WordPress 3.5 or higher versions.


The above-mentioned best AMP plugin for WordPress will make sure the best user experience with better usability. The plugins will also give flexible customization tools with many extensions supports.

As the plugin supports different versions of WordPress and PHP for installation. Web developers should make sure to use the latest version.

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