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5 Steps to Efficiently and Effectively Manage Your Email

I think it is safe to say that we all believe that the more efficient and effective we can be with email the better off we will be!

This quick post is to provide you with a summary of my current strategy at getting the most out of each email opportunity without spending all day in email.

2 Small Rants

When I spent some dedicated time trying to research how to setup my system to be most effective I had 2 recurring frustrations with other related posts.

  • ONE – Most articles talk about “the best” and that is definitely BS… there is no BEST system and the optimal solution for you one day will not be the next day. Having a closed mindset that you have the best system leads you with less opportunity to spot additional improvements. I hesitate to say “best way to handle emails” in this post because I am sure I can still improve!
  • TWO – I also want to be clear… a lot of posts/articles/book chapters I read about “dealing with” “overcoming” “winning” with email have the tone that the author wants less email… I WANT MORE… it is one of the best leading indicators with my business. The more email I am getting the better the business is doing. Plus, many of the questions and opportunities that people email me about are interesting and if handled well can lead to exciting new opportunities for everyone.

Don’t wish for less email… wish you are better at dealing with email!

(if Jim Rohn where writing about email inbox overload)

 5 Steps to Efficiently Handle Email

5 Steps to Be More Effective and Efficient With Email!

So here is the basic systems I have intentionally either put in place or not put in place to help me be more efficient/effective at email…

  1. Assistant to process email in my primary email account and delete/respond to very straightforward email and tag emails to me where someone is asking me a question.
    1. TIP – for anyone with multiple Gmail accounts make sure you change the background image of your Gmail account so it is unique for each account.
  2. Have at least a couple email accounts so for all hosting accounts, services I use one email and that email gets monitored by a VA for any issues and I rarely login to it.
  3. I don’t use folders because I have always found searching emails to be faster and studies have backed this up. When you think you want to use folders I suggest trying tagging to help save time and keep things organized.
  4. Don’t use any alerts on my phone or computer for email – these can be way too distracting and break my focus from my current focus.
  5. The biggest challenge at being efficient/effective with email is carving out the optimal amount of time to deal with email. Here is what I try and do…
    1. Check email mid-morning after my main task for the day is completed and complete any shorter task
    2. When I work in the evening process all email, respond to all or if I can’t complete it use the chrome extension Boomerang to have it send back to me at a time I will be able to act on it.
    3. The goal is for every night to not have any email assigned to me still in my inbox.
    4. In addition for every email I send that I am looking for a response on I make sure to Boomerang it back to me at whatever the right timing is so I can follow up. This works great for assigning one-off tasks to my team or following up with any opportunities.

For reference I looked back at last week and here are the basic numbers for my inbox…

  • Average Number of Email Per Day = 100+
  • Number of Hrs Per Day Spent on Email (by me) = 2.5-3.5

If you have any questions please leave a comment or feel free to email me 🙂

Jonhaver11 (at) gmail (dot) com

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