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301 Building Block Strategy – Part 1

Update – Part 2 Here

As part of the six figure challenge I have been testing out a new strategy to use expired domains to boost my organic traffic I am calling the 301 Building Block Strategy.

This post is a quick intro…please let me know what parts you want to see more information on and what your questions are on. I will be sure to update Part 2 and specifically answer any questions you have.

Sharing on AuthorityWebsiteIncome the exact details of new strategies I am using including the specific tools, steps and procedures I use is what I enjoy most. So this and the follow up post have been great to create and I look forward to hearing the success others are having with it!

The strategy is a combination of…

  1. POWERFUL Expired Domains
  2. Epic/Niche Dominating Posts
  3. Silo Structure on Your Authority Site

301 strategy


Why the name 301 Building Block? The idea with this strategy is to use these very powerful domains, niche dominating epic posts and a silo structure on your authority site to build the site out building block by building block.

The idea of systematically building out new silo’s and using one niche dominating post to link to all the sub-posts is an idea that Dom discussed here.

Basic Strategy

(I will get into the details in next weeks post)

  1. Find extremely high quality and clean relevant expired domain and purchase it
  2. Set up a simple 5 page site and monitor how it responds in Google
    1. More details on why to do this step next week
  3. Identify a niche you can build a silo around and map out the silo structure
  4. Build silo structure including Epic Niche Dominating Post
  5. Confirm Google is viewing the expired domain positively based on traffic and ranking
  6. Move articles and 301 redirect expired domain to the Epic Niche Dominating Post

authority sites


Here are some basic results to share so far for the quick ranking and traffic several sites have had…stay tuned next week to see the exact steps!

audience overview


all session

audience overview 2

About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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Duncan says March 23, 2015

Interesting strategy. I have seen stuff like this done but this is a clever combination of multiple strategies.

I like the idea of having a buffer site to see if the domain will work before moving it over to your money site.

Looking forward to seeing exactly how you make this plan happen.

    Jon says March 29, 2015

    The “buffer” gives me a lot of confidence that the strategy is lower risk!

Tom says March 23, 2015

Does this mean creating 5 pages on an expired domain whereof
– one is the epic post
– four are shorter posts
and then you move only (when site is indexed by G) the epic one to the authority site as “post 1” and 301 from the epic article on expired domain to “post 1” and the rest of the expired domain to the homepage of the authority site or do you redirect the whole expired domain to “post 1”?

Also please be so kind and explain if the 4 other pages on the expired domain are on topic posts or something like disclaimer, about, contact, terms & conditions ?

Thanks for making me think again 😉

    Jon says March 29, 2015

    Hi Tom, thanks for the question.

    No I don’t create the epic post until I know if the site is going to be decent or not. The reason is simply the cost is too high.

    All 5 posts I refer to are on topic posts.

    Hopefully this and the post I have coming out tomorrow answers your questions.

Bo says March 23, 2015

Have you created or can you create a dummy blog that’s silo’d? I always question whether I truly understand the graphics..

Nice post,

    Jon says March 29, 2015

    Hi Bo, have a look at this post –

    Dom does a great job providing an overview of how the silo structure works.


Quinna says March 23, 2015

I recently starting to follow you, and I am learning a great deal. If I am not mistaking you are from the USA. Did you ever tried to build and rank a website in a foreign country?.

I recently did some basic research, and I was shocked what the first 10 results were for a 6000 p/m keyword in a foreign country.

Kind regards,


    Jon says March 29, 2015

    I recently just purchased a website that is Spanish.

    This will be the second foreign language site I have worked on the first did not go well but the second one seems to be doing ok so far.

Curt says March 23, 2015

Hey Jon, looking forward to seeing more. Was recently bemoaning the fact that few are writing about “new strategies” to rank like this. I don’t think I’ve used 301s to the extent I could be, so look will be back to read pt2.

    Jon says March 29, 2015

    Hi Curt, glad to provide something of interest.

    Even if the new strategy isn’t a perfect fit it is always great to get a glimpse into what others are doing to rank their sites.


Doug says March 23, 2015

What metrics do you use for the domains that you 301? TF,CF,DA,PA,PR,LRD’s?

    Jon says March 29, 2015

    It really depends but…

    PA – 40
    DA – 30
    CF – 30
    TF – 25
    PR – 3+
    Alexa – <20,000,000

    Would be a great domain. These are very hard to come bye!


Doug says March 23, 2015

Sorry for the double post, I can’t edit my previous.

What method do you use to 301 your domains and how do you go about hiding them from the SEO bots?

    Jon says March 29, 2015

    I use the plugin redirection.

    I don’t hide from SEO bots….the only people asking to hide sites are people with something to hide. It seems it would be very easy for Google to go about finding all these sites and flagging them for a more detailed analysis.

Brett says March 24, 2015

Hi Jon, good post and I am looking forward to reading the series. Quick question (and maybe this has been answered in previous posts): Is it important to use a different IP address (hosting) for the expired domain than for the website that you are redirecting to?

Mateo Bernadic says March 24, 2015

I think that you have said (in some previous post) that for the Authority site, you are using brand new domain, right? Better safe than sorry with big G…?

Anyway, interesting strategy. Is there any recommended ratio between authority site articles with and without 301 redirects?

I have few smaller sites (both new domains and expired domains) of the similar topics, that I want to merge in one larger ‘authority’ site – easier to manage and maybe will rank better as one ‘large’ site…

    Jon says March 29, 2015

    Yes I am using a fresh domain.

    No recommended ratio. I think it needs to stay within reason…that is a judgement call for everyone to make on their own.


Joseph Ho says March 27, 2015

This is something similar to my switchbox seo experiment. Is a great idea to add in silo structure into it which i never though of it

    Jon says March 29, 2015

    How is it working out for you so far.

    I think one difference is I don’t look to bother with any tiered link building and eventually the site will get wrapped up into the authority site.

ุJeno says April 22, 2015

Hi, John Good post and I’d like to know Is it necessary to use seo hosting for expired domain?

sutha says July 20, 2015

Dear Jon

congrats on your progress pertaining your site .Can you suggest which site is ideal for someone new in the IM to start with , authority site or niche site. can you write an article how to build a niche site from scratch . Perhaps you can put up a case study for that. few items you may want to cover in the article

1. what is niche and how to find profitable niches. Some guru’s says follow your passion. does following passion will able to generate online income.

2. what are the steps we need to follow in order to slowly increase traffic. is it good to have one niche sites or more sites

3. Monetization method . how to monetize for niche sites.

4. i’m not a native english speaker. Basically i’m from Malaysia . how to find affordable writers to help me out in writing posts

hope you can reply to my questions. sorry for the bad english anyway

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