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3 Step Authority Website Traffic Growth Plan – SIMPLE

Not everything about growing website traffic and building a profitable authority site needs to be complicated! (even though I often do a good job of making things complicated – see my attack plan document).

If you are looking to grow traffic to a website and you execute this simple 3 step process without wavering from it for a few months I would guarantee you will increase your search traffic 99% of the time!

In this post I will share everything you need to grow a profitable authority site following these 3 simple steps!

Authority Website Traffic Growth Plan Overview

Let me make sure it is clear that this is not the “best” strategy if you had ONE website and were throwing everything you had at it.

But for those of us who have a few things on the go (day job / family / businesses) we need a repeatable process that with a high degree of certainty will grow a websites traffic this strategy is great!

For me this simple process fits the description above, I can systematize it and turn it over to my team to execute and the results I will show below speak for themselves!

Does It Work? See Case Studies Below:

MY CASE STUDY ONE – Grew Affiliate Site That Launched My FBA Business!

For this affiliate site I applied this process to it and grew it large enough that I was able to build a six figure Amazon FBA business on the back of it!

audience overview


  • 25% monthly growth rate for 6 months
  • Visitor growth from 250/day to 1,000/day
  • Launched and grew a six figure Amazon FBA business!


MY CASE STUDY TWO – Six Figure Challenge Site

This site is my six figure challenge site. At the start of the project I did a LOT more than just the strategy above but for the second half of the year the majority of my plan involved a lot of content and backlinks.



This strategy was used for the second ½ of the year exclusively and the results remained strong…

  • 24%/month increase in weekly traffic growth rate for 7 months
  • Visitor growth from 340/day to 1,400/day
  • Established authority site developed with long term longevity, low ongoing costs and a very solid earner!


MY CASE STUDY 3 – Grew Amazon Affiliate Site

This is a site I am excited about right now. The peak season has not started for it and it is continuing to grow week over week with minimal content being added to it!

  • Target Keywords – Amazon Product Review
  • Posting Frequency – 1 times per week
  • Posts – 750 words
  • Backlinks – Niche relevant PBN & some Premium PBN Links
  • My project manager Kelley really took the lead on executing the strategy for this site & has killed it! She will be sharing even more details around this project at a later date!



What I like about this site is that the peak season will be starting around the summer time.

  • 19% per month growth rate over 12 months!
  • Visitor growth from 50/day to 550/day
  • Busy season still to come!
  • It has set myself up to execute the Amazon Affiliate Site to FBA Business conversion again (in progress)


How to Execute This Traffic Growth Plan Easily:

plan exec


Step 1 – Identify Article Titles

When creating the article titles I use a few different strategies. Here I am going to link to a lot of great resources on the topic and provide my own insight for each…

  1. Google Suggest – Often I am doing research for a niche that I don’t know much about (“well that isn’t hard to find” – says my wife 😉 – kidding she is very supportive of this business) and Google suggest helps provide me with more knowledge. What I like about Google suggest is that simply typing a few different keywords in and seeing what Google Suggest comes up with it provides insight into what other searchers typing those keywords in are thinking about.
    1. Tool – then input into LongTailPro or Google Keyword Tool
    2. Tool – Suggest from Yoast
    3. Tool – LongTailPro
    4. Tool – Google Keyword Tool
    5. Tutorial –How to use Google Suggest from Neil Patel
    6. Tutorial –How to use UberSuggest

2. Low Competition Keywords – LongTail Pro – One of the fundamental article titles every authority site needs are titles that are focused on a keyword/problem that get a lot of searches but has soft competition so you can rank for it. No tool is better at helping to identify those keywords than LongTailPro.

  1. Tool – LongTailPro
  2. Ultimate Guide – Backlinko Keyword Research Guide from Brian Dean
  3. SEO Nick – Keyword Research Overview
  4. List of Tools in 2016 – by Dominic Wells
  5. Tutorial – Long Tail Pro Tutorial from Tung Tran
  6. Tutorial – Long Tail Pro Tutorial from Spencer Haws

3. Competitor Websites Popular Posts

Going to competitor websites and seeing what post ideas they have come up with and putting a slight twist on them is certainly the lazy persons option for coming up with content ideas (one I often use).

  1. Create list of competitor sites
  2. See which posts are listed under popular (often a widget on the side)
  3. Put your own spin on these titles

For a more advanced process of using tools to create a huge list of popular posts on competitor sites have a look at the this post published on AuthorityWebsiteIncome… How to come up with 1,000+ content ideas in 1 evening!


Step 2 – Create & Publish Articles

  1. Hire/Fire FAST (expect some churn to find a good writer)
    1. Cheap Article Writing that Doesn’t Suck! (same strategy I have used for YEARS just increase the $)
  2. Pay $1-$2 / 100 words
  3. Publish good looking articles using Thrive Editor (most efficient way to increase perceived quality)
    1. Posting a good looking article with pictures and great formatting is the most efficient money you can spent to increase the perceived quality of a post. Using Thrive Editor and a VA to make the updates you can very inexpensively create unreal looking posts!
    2. Tool – Thrive Editor (highly recommended)

Sample of my content tracking spreadsheet.


Sign up on the email opt-in form to the side to get this tracking sheet for free!

Step 3 – Build Backlinks to Articles

I have written a lot about this topic. In the end the bottom line is that content on its own with no promotion is not the best way to build a profitable website.

The best way would be to devote yourself to deploying all the tactics white & grey hat. But the reality for me and many others is that we are time limited and applying white hat SEO tactics only to all the sites in our control is not feasible… So, as a result high quality PBN links are used to push links to my posts and help them rank!

  1. Done for You PBN
  2. Use My PBN
  3. Pure White Hat Tactics (backlinko, authorityhacker, RankXL, FatStacksBlog)

Building a PBN doesn’t have to be crazy expensive/complicated. If you want to attempt to build one yourself have a look at my free guide(no email required) here… How to build a PBN in 2016.


As I mentioned in my last six figure update post having a system that can keep turning over when I get busy with other projects or lose interest is key for me to be able to continue to grow my passive income portfolio.

The system outlined above is not all-in composing but it works and its simple to follow or outsource!

If you have had success or failure with a similar model please let me know what you think the key for your success or failure was so we can all learn!

About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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Tung Tran says January 27, 2016

hehe Jon I’ve been addicted to refresh your site daily hoping to see a new post. Great post again. I’ve been doing the same with my site and have seen great results.

    Jon says January 27, 2016

    Always appreciate the support Tung! Good to hear the success you are having with your site!

      Benjamin says February 13, 2016

      Great post Jon, also Tung I’ve been refreshing your site as well lol. Write something! 🙂

Avi says January 27, 2016


What WordPress theme do you use or recommend?

Thank you

    Jon says January 27, 2016

    Hi Avi, right now I am a really big fan of anything from Thrive…the combination of Thrive Themes + Thrive Editor & Thrive Leads is a tough combo to beat in my opinion.

      avi says January 28, 2016


      any code or discount for this product??

Ilya says January 27, 2016

Found your blog through Matt’s Income report roundup and have to say I’m very impressed!

I’m also working on making money with authority/passive income sites, and while I’m only at $500 I’m hoping to reach your level soon.

I started working on PBNs only a couple weeks ago, so I’ll be using your 2016 PBN guide with a couple of my own twists. 🙂

Oh, one issue that I currently have with your site: The email popup that appears when you scroll halfway down the page brings you back to the very beginning of the post when it appears which is quite annoying if you were focused on the article. I’m all for pop-ups, but if you could make it so it doesn’t change your location on the page when it pops up, that’d be great!


    Jon says January 27, 2016

    Thanks for letting me know about this problem and I will get my team on fixing it. Good luck on your journey to making big money in 2016!

Daniel says January 27, 2016

Hi Jon, very nice post, thanks for taking the time to write it of us 🙂

One question: how many times do you link from your PBN to your 3 different sites?

That is, lets say you have a 10-sites PBN and 3 money sites. Do you create a max of 30 links from all your PBN to your money sites? or do you sometimes link multiple times from a single PBN site to a money site?

Thanks for in advance!

    Jon says January 27, 2016

    Hi Daniel, there is no perfect rule for this but an easy to follow rule is maintain a 50% saturation rate if you have a PBN that is being shared among many different sites.

Quinton says January 27, 2016

Man, I love it! this kind of strategy and long-term vision would make any site unbeatable in their niches.

    Jon says January 27, 2016

    Thanks Quinton, I think you hit on the key point… the long term view of this strategy is the key to its success. Even a less than perfect strategy executed regularly can produce outstanding results!

Dominic says January 28, 2016

You make this process so simple when a lot of people are over-thinking it. Three steps is really all it takes though. Rinse and repeat!

Thierry says January 29, 2016

Great post as always!

Concerning LTP, quick question. Spencer Haws these days claims number of monthly searches aren’t that important anymore. It has gotten hard to find keywords with over 500 searches per month (let alone 1,000) and a rank of below 30. He now says just 200 is already more than enough because of several reasons (infinite variations and such).

So what is your threshold I wonder? Any minimal searches? Maximum rank?

By the way, great redesign!

Mahmudul Alam says March 19, 2016

Jon, do you think only content marketing could work for niche site?BTW, you got my smile man. In love the way you cover things clearly.

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