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Panda Update on Sports Memorabilia Site – Low Quality Content Doesn’t Work

This picture is an image is a follow up to the post Perry wrote at SEO Sherpas where he broke down how a site which has terrible content on it is still getting a lot of traffic from Google even after all the quality updates.



How I Setup an Authority Website With WordPress

Setting up an authority website has a lot of the same steps as setting up a micro-niche or any other WordPress site but my focus on user experience is different. I plan on using a theme and set up that improves the users experience and engagement but leaves money on the table when it comes to ad click through rate.Continue reading

Good Website Names – What Do They Have in Common and How I Picked Mine

Now that I have identified my audience and done keyword research it is time to pick my authority websites domain name. But first I want to look at what good website names have in common.Continue reading

Cheap Article Writing That Doesn’t Suck – Is $2 Per Article Possible

Getting high quality articles written for a very low cost is a key strength for my online business. In this article and for the first time I share exactly how I get high quality articles created cheaply. Websites having good content has always been important and is only getting more important according to this Matt Cutts interview.

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Continue reading

Quality Article Writing Using a Template

Writing quality content is key to any authority websites success. Google has been clear that they are looking for content that adds value and not just a bunch of words on a page.Continue reading