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12 Best Website Checker Tools [Updated In 2019]

After Building a website, you need to analyse the performance and speed. The full insight of the website will give you a performance report so that you can monitor it so easily.

However, the website checker tool will make all the details of performance and page speed at the same time. Monitoring and optimization is always a key part after building a website.

Moreover, you can even check the performance score of the AMP version and desktop version. Usually, after installing any optimization or security tools, you should check the performance score.

So after checking the score, you will have the idea whether the page load time, Yslow score and other analysis options are well or not.

Let’s check the best website checker tools

To give the best experience to your website visitors, you will need the best website checker tool to monitor the website.


GTmetrix is efficient website checker tool which will give you full insight report of performance.

The bottlenecks can be detected easily if you will have the detail information of performance score. The tool will also give you a recommendation on how to optimize.


The details include page speed, Yslow score, waterfall, video and history with other recommendation. You can check the individual load time of the page.

The data of recommendation consist of grade, type of data and priority of data. The summary report will indicate the total page size and total requests.

You can easily compare the performance of the website relative to the average of all website checked by this tool. The tracking of performance by interactive visual graphs showing the detail information is easy.

You can monitor the page by scheduling the time whether monthly, weekly or daily to ensure the optimal performance.

Pro users will get some advanced features such as simulate a device, change the screen resolution, add a custom DNS and create presets etc. In videos, you can slow the playbacks and view the page load in filmstrip view.

Moreover, the plus users will also get advanced features such as HTTP authentication, connection throttling, URL whitelist/backlist, and Adblock plus for security.

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2. Pingdom

Pingdom is also the best choice for website checker tool. Monitoring website performance is easy by this analyzer tool.

The key features consist of uptime monitoring, real user monitoring, synthetic interaction testing, page speed monitoring and many more. The tool will alert you whenever there will be real faults occurred and poor performance.


There are four different sections which include waterfall breakdown, performance grade, page analysis and history.

The page analysis will display the information such as size analysis, size per domain, the number of requests per domain and what type of content had most requests.

It will also outline the where are bottlenecks and where to make the improvements.

3. Google Page Speed Insight

Google PageSpeed Insight is effective analyser and optimizer tool for website performance. It will instantly give you results of performance score.

There will be two scores for the mobile version and for the desktop version. It will display the optimization which will speed up the page load.


In the there will be other data such as speed index, time to interactive, First CPU Idle and first meaningful paint etc. It also suggests the area which is to be improved.

Lab data is used to debugging performance issues. Field data is used to capture true and real-world user experience.

However, the good score of lab data is considered as good, if it is more than 90. Diagnostics provide additional information about how page adheres to best practices for web development.

4. Website Grader

Website grader is also one of the instant website checker tools. However, the report of performance has four different sections- performance, mobile, SEO, security.

In the performance section, you will see page size, page speed, a page request, browser caching and page redirects.


In the mobile section, you will see the score out of 30. It shows how effectively your website optimized in the mobile version.

In the SEO section, it has also score out of 30. That indicates how much your website is easy to reach out to your audience. It includes the check of page meta description, headings, site map etc.

In the security section, it indicates a secured website score out of 10.

5. Web Page Test


WebPageTest is easy website checker tool to monitor the performance. You can run simple tests with some advanced setting.

The test includes multi-step transaction, video capture, content blocking and many more. The advance setting provides many options such as advance, chromium, auth, script and custom while testing.

The visual comparison also can be done via various test configurations by entering multiple URLs. It has a unique feature of the first view and repeats view.

That indicates the first time DNS lookup delay which was mentioned earlier. The grade is assigned from F to A which depends on different performance test such as compress transfer, compress images and effective use of CDN.

The report is divided into various sections such as summary detail, performance review, content breakdown, and screenshots.

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6. Up Trends

Uptrends is also a monitoring tool to check the performance report. You can monitor various things by using this tool such as website monitoring,  web application monitoring, server monitoring etc.


The report has two section waterfall and domain groups. The domain group is further categorized in different sources such as CDN, statistical, first party and third party overall.

The location-based report will be created by measuring minute details. The tool supports many useful protocols for your website such as HTTP/HTTPs, Ping, DNS, SQL etc.

You can easily share the report by sending it on email in PDF or excel export. The Uptrends downtime double check will ensure the bug before sending an alert message.

7. Semrush

Semrush is the multitask tool of monitoring and performance. You can check multiple things such as analytics report, visual charts and content analyser etc.


You can easily compare your competitor’s position changes with your position. The report will be created by gathering all the data in One elegant with drag-drop.

Moreover, you can easily custom the reports by inserting a logo, branding and commenting features. You can even schedule your report time daily, weekly and monthly.

The content analyzer will access the website content and measure it externally.

The content audit feature is also provided which compare the performance of different content pieces.

8. Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-monitor is instant website checker tool. The tool offers 23 different locations and 7 browsers to run the performance test.


The geographical tests can be run simultaneously which will consume less time. You can even check the individual report of waterfall breakdown.

The report will be separated into five sections such as summary, performance, waterfall chart and errors. It will show the performance of the fastest and slowest elements.

To diagnose the connectivity of network and error, the ping test tool is provided. The tool is a cloud-based load testing platform.

The tool will give fully managed and scaled load testing results.

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9. Yslow

Yslow is also a webpage analyzer tool which will be based on the yahoo’s rules for high performance. They offer suggestions and bottlenecks for improvement.


It also provides other tools for performance analysis such as, JSLint. Yslow will first crawl the Dom to find all the components and gather the information of components.

After gathering the information, it generates the grade for each rule and then turns into the overall grade. It has 23 different rules to check the performance such as CDN and CDN reducing DNS insight.

10. Bitcatcha

Bitcatcha is website performance checker tool. It checks server speed delivered by web host and website performance as well.


It checks web design, cleanliness of code, cache, plugins and visual media. The tool will give a speed rating in grades.

Though the ideal speed rating for your server should be B+. However, it gives the grade from A to E.

It will also give the recommendations for improvement of page speed score.


IONOS is the website optimizer tool. The tool will show you the overall performance of the website.

The report is divided into the four sections- Be present online, Get found, Be secure and Be fast.


In the Be present online, it presents, the site is optimized or not, favicon and touch icon is present or not.

The page title is easily found by visitors or not. The ideal domain length is also displayed with character.

In Get found section, how the website is displayed on the search engine. The page description improvements and other recommendations.

In Be secure section, which shows secure cookies, server version and apache status.

12. Free Analysis Tools – Neil Patel

The free analyzer tool by Neil Patel will give you almost the full insight performance of the website.

The report includes website analyser, competitor analyser, keywords. You will instantly get the page speed test and recommendations which is required.


The content analysis includes load time analysis, size analysis and request analysis. Web performance can be displayed with grade and score.

However, you will find each and every element of the website with the grade. Moreover, this tool also checks the SEO analysis.


The above-mentioned website checker tool will show you detail insights of your website performance. The performance will be location based on the options of various browsers.

It will be easy for you to choose any website checker tool for monitoring your website’s performance.

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