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10 keyword tools for YouTube To Increase Traffic [2019]

The keyword tools for youtube, also known as a keyword research tool, are the foundation tools used to discover new keyword opportunity for YouTube videos.

Before writing articles in our blog we discover profitable long tail keywords and later optimize our article according to that keyword. Finding proper keywords is a fundamental practice of doing on page SEO.

Just like that, finding proper keywords for YouTube videos is very essential for getting organic traffic and more visibility.

Being the second highest traffic source, YouTube possesses lots of potential viewers who regularly check for their requirements and solutions.


Because you are a marketer you need to make sure to get your ads in front of the wide audience and hence you’ll need video SEO and YouTube keyword research from your side.

For that, it’s always better to use the most recommended keyword research tool for YouTube by the professionals to stick in with the trend.

Why do we need keyword research for YouTube?

It’s very straightforward. After publishing a video on YouTube it goes under ranking war. So without any proper strategy of what you are creating and how you are going to distribute, chances are YouTube marketing may go very expensive.

YouTube keyword research will help your audience to find your videos. If more people find your videos there is a higher probability of getting sharedAccording to the data, 76% of users will share a video [branded] only if it’s entertaining or very useful.

10 keyword tools for YouTube To Increase Traffic [2019] 1

Keyword research also helps in finding targeted customers and the competition gap where you can grow your channel and achieve million+ subscribers to your channel.

In a case study, Brian Dean of Backlinko mentioned that he helped buffer to grow their YouTube channel by 59% in just 30 days.

10 keyword tools for YouTube To Increase Traffic [2019] 2

In simple there are two steps:

  1. Figure out what people are searching for – I mean the trend in your niche.
  2. Figure out if you can rank for those keywords.

The YouTube keyword tool challenge

Unlike Google search keyword tools, there are far fewer keyword tools for YouTube. And most of them are not mind-blowing like Ahref and KWfinder and many more.

That’s why I decided to dive deep and make this list so you can find them all in one single page.

Remember that some of these tools are supplemented by other major tools but they are always a great place to start with.

Free keyword tools for YouTube:

This list contains all the free keyword research tools for YouTube that are available for everyone. You can check each of them and decide which tools are best for you.

#1. YouTube autocomplete

Like Google, YouTube also gives us autocomplete options when we start typing a search query. This is the place where most of the keyword tools obtain their data.

To start with you can just type your core idea and wait for YouTube to show the autocomplete suggestions. This doesn’t show you the keyword matrics but since this is the original tool hence the suggestions are very reliable.

10 keyword tools for YouTube To Increase Traffic [2019] 38

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#2. Google AdWords display planner

Google AdWords display planner is a replacement to the YouTube keyword tool back in 2014. Adword planner is not easy to use but the data it provides worth learning to use it.

To use this tool you need to fast sign in with your Google account. After that, you can find this tool on the top right corner or you can just click on this link.

To get the YouTube keyword results you need to change the settings of this tool to videos only.

10 keyword tools for YouTube To Increase Traffic [2019] 17


Now you can get statistics on your keyboards for YouTube.

10 keyword tools for YouTube To Increase Traffic [2019] 11

#3. Keywords everywhere

This is browser add on which works both on Google searches and YouTube search. When you type your core keyword this add on will so you the volume, CPC and competition.

Additionally, it will suggest some related long tail keywords which you can target. Keywords everywhere is very user-friendly and you can track keywords data in real time.

To use this tool you need to install the browser add on and activate it using the secret key that will be sent through the mail.

10 keyword tools for YouTube To Increase Traffic [2019] 3

#4. HyperSuggest

HyperSuggest is a small YouTube keyword tool which shows you four different types of Keyword suggestions from 3 data sources. As they have mentioned, the sources are YouTube, Google and Google shopping.

I have discovered this tool in a blog post and tested it by myself. The features and the data it provides makes this tool worth mentioning here in this list of keyword tools for YouTube.

The default language of HyperSuggest is Germany as it’s developers are German. This tool also includes a language filter for those people who don’t understand the German language.


#5. SEO Stack

This is another Chrome extension like keywords everywhere which shows keywords volume, suggestions and source.

It has an option to select keyword suggestions from different sources. So when you select resources as YouTube SEO stack will suggest long tail keywords from YouTube searches.

Additional features like filtering option for the country, language and the type of results makes SEO stack a great keyword research tool for YouTube.


Freemium keyword research tool for YouTube:

This list contains all the YouTube keyword research tools which are free to use with limited features but also have a premium version if you want to use all the features. Go ahead and check them all.

#1. Kparser

Kparser is free to use but to get the full-featured version you need to debit some amount from your card. However, with the premium version, you will get a lot more out of it.

Applying the YouTube filter you can obtain the list of suggestion on the core keyword with some essential ranking factors. This is available in the free version as well. And this is the reason I have to mention this tool under the freemium category.

Along with the country and language filters, you will have some advanced filters like alphabets, numbers, questions, etc in the search terms.


#2. Keyword Tool Dominator

This website contains various types of keyword tools starting from Amazon keyword tool to The Bing Keyword Tool. YouTube keyword tool is one among them.

This tool is mainly focused on finding long tail keywords for YouTube. Like in other keyword tools for YouTube, in this tool you have to type your core keyword and long tail suggestions will be shown in the result.

You can short your results as you want and download the list of organized keywords. YouTube keyword tool allows you up to three searches per day in free use. While you can buy the premium version for $70.


#3. Keyword Keg

I have to say Keyword Keg is amazing. Probably this is the best tool I have ever used in terms of YouTube keyword research with everything put together in one place. The developers have included all the data from eleven different sources to show you the most profitable long tail keywords in an organized order.

To get the results for YouTube you need to select the API of YouTube and you are good to go. One more impressive filter is the country selection where the “Global” option is available which is rare in many other keyword tools for YouTube.

Keyword Keg will display ten [10] different matrices starting from the volume, CPC to key trends.


#4. WordTracker

Wordtracker has earned its position in this “keyword tools for youtube list” with easy to use interface and feature-rich options. It’s free to use but like another keyword research tools, it has a premium version with advance stuffs included.

You can search a keyword for YouTube from six different sources for 32 countries with their states. There’s an option to include keywords from a pre-made list.

On the result, Wordtracker will display keyword suggestions with volume, PPC and CPC, Availability in anchor and title. This tool also displays nearly related keyword suggestions which are on trend.



I would include keyword into the paid tool list instead I added it here because the free version suggests you some long tail keywords. Only long tail suggestions are available unless you purchase the full version.

You can try selecting the YouTube API and the country to get recommended suggestions by this tool. Once the results appear there are options to filter for suggestions, questions, prepositions, and hashtags. Hashtags are an advantage though.

To obtains key matrices like volume, trend, CPC, and competitions you have to spend some money with


Final Words:

As I have mentioned ten different keyword tools for youtube, you can choose any one of them according to your requirements. Personally, I like keyword keg a lot because of the wide range of features.

However, what matters the most is your goal, time and energy investment. If your goal is big with any keyword tool you can achieve it.

All the keyword tools provide you the same resources, some offer a little bit more while others a little bit less. One thing you need to remember that without a keyword tool dreaming for building a bigger channel is like shooting in the dark. You never know where the bullet gonna strike.

And in the end, I want to mention that this list never complete yet. There are lots of similar tools which I am aware of at this moment. But as soon as I get to know about worthy contestant I will update this list for sure.

If you haven’t seen any great tool (that you know) in this list please let me know. I will wait for your comments down below.

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