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My reason for sharing what I do online is 2 fold….

1. I know that by putting myself out here I will hold myself accountable to my goal of generating $15k/month in reliable income by the time I am 35!

2. I  want to show other people who have large time commitments (father, full time job) that it is possible to make money online. At the same time

Since I have been working online I have learned the most from the courses where people show me how to do things using a case study site. Lately even when I know and use many of the methods taught I gain insight from real case studies including Ed Dales 30 day challenge and Pat Flynn’s posts on the Niche Site Duel these practical examples are great for everyone involved.

UPDATE – Oct 1, 2012 – I am now able to share with everyone the biggest reason why I am so passionate about making my authority website a success – my first child will be here in 6 months!

My Reason!

I am extremely excited about this! We are lucky enough to have good jobs but I feel like that is not enough to secure a financial future for my family. Having one income source (a job) is not enough for me, I plan to continue to build my online income to be able to provide an extra layer of financial security for my wife and soon to be born child! 

So what is my real time case study?

Create a money making website in a highly completive niche using repeatable methods and show everystep. Be as transparent as possible this means I will show everything except my password!

Why am I creating a site showing you how to make money with an authority site?

Real Time Case Study
Real Time Case Study Benefit – Sharing The Journey & Accountability

Well, with all the SEO is dead, niche sites are dead and internet marketing Armageddon talk over the last 12 months. I want to show people a method that is working in one of the most competitive niches in the world. Here is a balanced article from SearchEngineLand on the Penguin and Panda update.

When the Google updates Panda and Penguin came out many people that were using backlinking methods that did not fall in line with my internet marketing belief cornerstones had their sites penalized. All my sites were not unaffected but being able to look across my 100+ sites and knowing how each one was built and promoted a little differently it was clear what Google was penalizing.

This site is to showcase the creation of a website in a highly competitive niche and if it works show what works and if it doesn’t, other than me being publicly humiliated (J) it will be a showcase of what does and doesn’t work

What Do I Mean By Transparency?

With this project I am committing to being more transparent than anyone before me and to show you absolutely everything good or bad. What I and many others hate in the internet marketing world is people selling how to make money online without being able to back it up. Even though I am not selling anything on this site I will show each and every step used to make my authority site rank and make money.

My motto for this project is simple…

“I will show you everything except my passwords”

If you are interested in getting updates on this case study please sign up below…

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  1. Jeff Swan says

    Best of luck to you buddy. Liking your slogan “I will show you everything except my passwords”. Well I will likely have to check back and see how this little experiment goes.

  2. James Lovell says

    I am so sick of people looking to make money online talking about making money online that dont back it up. Jon, I hope you stay true to your reasons and if you do end up making money with your authority site than I will definitely enjoy reading your posts.

    • Jon Haver says

      James, I feel the exact same way you do. I fully plan on staying true to my commitment of transparency even if it get ugly.

  3. says

    Jon, I’m not going to lie, your motto is simply amazing!
    I am a complete advocate of transparency…I post my income reports each month. With that being said, I really appreciate the fact that you are being completely open and honest about everything that is going on with your authority site.
    I will subscribe to your rss feed so I can get your authority site updates immediately!

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