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Private Blog Network Building Service in 2015 – Is It Still Worth The Risk?

It has been several months since I last opened up my service, today I am excited to announce I am opening it up again for a limited number of spots! Since the PBN de-indexing I wanted to make sure the risks were fully understood and today I plan to share a few data points to […]

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Pick a Problem and Build a Team – Phase 1 Six Figure Website Challenge

Our challenge to build a six figure website in 2015 is off to a good start with Phase 1 complete. Phase 1 is all about picking a niche and building a team… The group I selected to be in the small mastermind with are all off to a great start! Very impressive group! The public […]

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Expired Domains and Private Blog Networks for my Six Figure Website Challenge?

Since announcing my plans to share how I will be building a six figure website in 2015 I have received a lot of questions. One of the questions, understandably, has been do I plan to use expired domains, private blog networks or any other similar grey hat tactics? This article will answer those questions, provide […]

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Six Figure Website Attack Plan Revealed

Last week I asked for people to join in on my goal to build a six figure website in 2015. This is an aggressive goal and requires a very big plan to execute. The rough outline of that plan is what I am going to share with you today. To get access to the plan […]

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Six Figure Website Challenge – Team Selected and Opportunity to Particpate

WOW! That was a way way bigger turn out then I expected. The quality of people and the amount of effort people put into joining the group was overwhelming. I really did not expect to receive close to 80 applications in under 48hrs! I wish I could have accepted more since there are so many […]

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