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2015 Online Business Goals

In this post I go against some of often shared wisdom (keep your goals to yourself) and go into the exact knitty gritty details of my online business goals for 2015. There are 3 distinct parts to my business and for 2015 each gets one top level goal with a set of sub-goals that I […]

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Can You Build a Website in English as a Non Native Speaker?

Should you start a website in English if it isn’t your native language? Today we have the only member of the six figure challenge group who doesn’t speak English as a first language share the reasons why he chose to. When it comes to people who have targetted English when it isn’t their first language […]

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Balancing Your Life While Building a Business in Your 20’s

Today’s post on the six figure challenge is an update from the only couple in the group David and Sondra. They have really brought a lot of energy and skills to the group, in a group filled with geeks David has definitely showed his general technology skills. What I have really enjoyed watching is how […]

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Brother Rivalry

How to Make $100 per Day Starting From Nothing Within 3 Months Online

What would you do if you were starting from scratch online today? How can I make $100 per day as soon as possible? These questions and others like them are ones that I often get asked. A lot of people are looking for the fastest path to $100 per day since it represents in a lot […]

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site postsche dule - feb 2015

How to Come Up With 1,000+ Content Ideas in One Evening

Coming up with content ideas is not an easy job! It is also a task I have had a hard time systematizing and outsourcing. Well what is shared below is a way to solve that problem! As the 10 person mastermind continues to work through the journey to build six figure websites in 2015 each week […]

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