How to Make a Website That Makes You Money

In 2017 me and my team will each start and build a website that will make enough money to cover the cost of our mortgage and will show you everything we do here so you can join us!

This page will grow into a MONSTER free course on how to make a website that makes money in 2017

We will provide you with everything you need to build a website and make money from it!

After the post where I announced our “mortgage crushing competition” had well over 100  comments I will now be working on following through on my commitment to provide…

  • Free Training (better than anything else available)
  • A Dedicated Facebook group with support from me and my team
  • Monthly updates for all those involved to follow along


Want to Participate and Build or Grow a Website That Pays Off Your Mortgage in 2017?


  • Step 1 – Signup Here
  • Step 2 – Join the Facebook Group HERE
  • Step 3 – See module #1 below

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In this free training on how to make a website you will…

  1. Have access to videos/tutorials where you can build a website in 15 minutes (but that is just the start)
  2. See NO affiliate link to HostGator, BlueHost or other CRAPPY hosts that just pay a huge commission!
  3. Get advanced training on all the aspects you need to be successful!
  4. Detailed updates on our progress to building our own sites following this training
  5. Month by Month PLAN to achieve results!
  6. Get access to world-class experts to teach section


Sections of Training


Module 1 – How to Select a Topic in 3 Steps

“Do what you love BUT follow the money” Business Brilliant

Objective – Identify the topic and “blue-ocean” for your website topic

Step 1 – Write Down a List of Problems/Passions/Knowledge Areas/Fears you have. If you are struggling to identify some look at your Internet History and your Amazon Shopping history. Pick 1-2 that jump out at you and continue working through the next modules until you have validated your idea. Expect this process to take a couple iterations!

  • Personal Example – My “idea” (which still needs to be validated) is that I want to build a website around is… Educating my kids

Step 2 – Identify Similar Sites – In this step find a list sites that are along the lines of what you are wanting to create.

Step 3 – Define Your Blue Ocean – This step you define your unique “angle” where you combine 2-3 sites that show what your website will be about. In the book Made To Stick the authors talk about how this is done for pitching Hollywood movie ideas. For example “think jaws in space” was for the movie Aliens.

  • My Personal Example – Evergreen knowledge site for parents focusing on a mix evergreen knowledge content and crazy thorough educational toy reviews.


Identifying the potential gap in the market was the central theme of the book Blue Ocean Strategy, in it the authors discussed case studies where entrepreneurs identified the under-served intersection of 2 existing markets. This strategy was described in the offline world but is just as applicable online.



  • Validate Topic with Keyword Research
    • I am excited to share this with you soon!
  • Validate Your Idea With a Business Model
    • 10 Types of Sites
    • 1 Page Business Validation
  • Pick and Buy a Domain Name
    • My new favorite tool!
    • Start with an Expired Domain?
  • Buy Hosting
    • JUST SAY NO to BlueHost or HostGator!! ($200 affiliate commissions have mislead people!)
  • Setup Your Site
    • Quick Start 15minute Guide!
    • Launch Checklist
  • Content Creation
    • How to build a content plan
    • How to create GREAT content systematically
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Ongoing Promotion Strategies
    • Weekly printable checklist/tracking sheet

About the Author Jon Haver

I am a 31 year old husband, father of 2, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours. I am not a GURU but just a regular guy who is grinding out 12+hr days to build a life for my family on terms.
Jon Haver, Online Entrepreneur

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david says January 4, 2017

What hosting do you recommend?

    Jon Haver says January 4, 2017

    Hi David

    For inexpensive hosts and just starting out SiteGround
    Mid range price point I recommend WPX
    For your BEST sites when they have to work and work fast WPEngine is recommended.

    (some of these are affiliate links – I use all the hosts mentioned above)

      karl says January 4, 2017

      Would you recommend going with a VPS or shared hosting ?

        Jon Haver says January 4, 2017

        If you are just starting out I would go with a Shared.

          Kwame Owusu says January 5, 2017

          Hi, Jon,

          What VPS host provider would you recommend? I am in Canada and don’t want to deal with the ridiculous U.S. exchange rate.


      Jim says January 4, 2017

      Just wanted to say I switched from Bluehost to WPX and it’s AMAZING. Totally worth the higher price. Their support is awesome and handles the entire migration for you and now my website loads in 1 second instead of 6s-10s.

        Jon Haver says January 4, 2017

        Yah night and day difference forsure.

      david says January 12, 2017

      Thanks. I really hate those gurus who recommend those shitty hosting. (for this reason I don’t read Pat Flynn for example….. he is full of crap)

    Aaron says January 5, 2017

    I’ve been with bluehost, Ipage, and many $1 cheap hosts. The best so far that I have found for a beginner site is Namecheap. They are popular of course for buying domains, but their hosting has been stellar for the price! I just renewed another year for only $39!

Chike says January 4, 2017

Hello John,
I’m particularly attracted to the “Build a Website in 2017 That Pays Your Mortgage!” concept because one can join in and progress with you, also the opportunity to benchmark progress with you and other folks that will set out on the journey together. It’ll be great to have succinct weekly/bi weekly deliverables and actions steps. I eagerly roll up my sleeves in readiness for the challenge. Great Job Jon!

    Jon Haver says January 4, 2017

    Hi Chike, I will definitely work ot provide the weekly “tasks”

Arun says January 4, 2017

Excited to start something I was wishing for the last one year 🙂

silviu says January 4, 2017

take into account: Scala, Ipage and DigitalOcean

Azedine says January 4, 2017

Thanks Jon for letting know the members to avoid HostGator, I would suggest to void Bluehost as well 🙂 Most of “Gurus” suggest them just to make a buck out of the affiliate commission.

    Suzi says January 4, 2017

    Out of curiosity, what are the specific negatives of using BlueHost / Host Gator?

      Jon Haver says January 4, 2017

      slow hosts, once your site gets any real traffic they kick you off the entry level plan. Support is ok not awesome. The real issue with most cheap hosts is they are slow and even the “unlimited” can become very very limited quickly.

        Suzi says January 4, 2017

        Got it, thanks! I’ve been with BlueHost for years and really loved them until recently. Speed is ok with the level of traffic I get, but the customer support has gotten really terrible all of a sudden. Just wanted to verify my suspicions!

    Jon Haver says January 4, 2017

    Agree both are not good…. other then the affiliate commission.

Ignatius says January 4, 2017

I’ve been building a couple websites for the past year and I have been trying to monetize them, wholly unsuccessful thus far.

Jon, I’m glad I opened your email today! Help is on the way 🙂

Rob says January 4, 2017

I’m looking forward to this Jon! Although I’m wishing I hadn’t already started my site using something other than WordPress

    Jon Haver says January 4, 2017

    I certainly don’t know all the details of your situation but you might even want to think about switching back to wordpress.

      Rob says January 4, 2017

      Thanks Joh, I think you are right…

Dennis Dunbar says January 4, 2017

Thanks for accepting me into the Mortgage crusher training. Looking for a challenging 2017 with an amazing 2018 to follow.


Quinn says January 4, 2017

Awesome initiative. Great way to figure out a business that actually works! I realize now that Step 1 (Passion) has been the difference for me but I realize that it is different for everybody and the most important thing for most people is to start and learn.

    Jon Haver says January 4, 2017

    Yah start and learn I think trumps everything. You need passion/systems to get through the eventual interest dip. In the end I believe execution matters the most and some people execute better when they are passionate about the topic.

Stef says January 5, 2017

I am really looking forward to doing this challenge. Defining my Blue Ocean is a really interesting concept and something I may need more help with. Also monetizing the site once built will be something I need help with as I have not done this well in the past.

Jeremy says January 5, 2017

I am really excited for this one, it’s one thing to read about how to’s but doing it along side you Jon makes it worth the work, can’t wait!

fernando says January 5, 2017

I already have a amazon website up and running with some sales and about 20 posts
I need to make it making steady money.
At what stage should i begin?

Deepak says January 5, 2017

I will be joining this challenge. I hope to come up with a good idea and create a great website which can pay my mortgage too…

Earl says January 6, 2017

This is good timing for me. I just purchased a niche site through human proof designs that I’m planning on expanding into an authority site.

Nathan Alger says January 6, 2017

Kudos to you for being the first internet marketer I have heard shoot down Bluehost/Host Gator. Everyone and I mean everyone recommends Bluehost and then I got it and have been unimpressed. Then I look at some of the affiliate payouts on these marketers and it makes sense why they receive such a strong recommendation.

Sergio says January 8, 2017

Just a quick question about Facebook and privacy: Can my friends see it if I join/post in the group?


Hi Jon Thank you for your inspiration,i just started your challenge and i followed your recommendation on hosting i went for WPXHosting,i am just starting this journey and i love it already thank you very much

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