Establishing Online Business Habits – Getting Back into the Groove is not as easy as I Thought!


This post will share the challenges I have had over the last 1.5weeks re-establishing my online work routine and the 3 productivity tips that have got me back to full productivity and can probably do the same for you.

Plus a little sneak peak at a new project that will be starting shortly that I will be looking for people to work with on…(more to come soon!)

Before I had to reduce my time in my online business I had a pretty good routine going… [Read more…]

Risk vs Reward of Using Private Blog Networks – How to Not Let Fear Take Over

Risk vs Reward of PBN's

Private Blog Networks are dead! If you link to your site from a PBN Google will find you and punish you. The SEO sky is falling.

In today’s post I am going to share my thoughts on the risk vs reward decision we all need to make using PBN’s.

Plus I share how I like to think through my online business decisions using data and not let fear guide my actions. [Read more…]

Update on Google PBN Deindexation


With over 1,000 sites I am happy to be able to share what I have seen over the last week and what changes I will be making to my processes.

This post will be broken down into 4 parts…

  1. What Happened?
  2. What Others are Saying
  3. How Have Sites I Have Built Been Affected?
  4. Theories
  5. 3 Changes Moving Forward

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How Cheap Outsourcing Can Cost You More


After a couple months of trying to solve a productivity problem in one part of my team I have come to the realization that my “cheap” nature has cost me a lot of money recently!


The problem was with my domain finding team. The idea with my team set up is that I was to use lower cost labour(Philippines, Bangladesh VA’s with weaker English) to do the main leg work finding domain while my more expensive team member(18$/hr) would complete the final QC checks.

This strategy seemed to work well for awhile however the set up ran into two limitations…

  1. Number of domain they were able to find capped out at 200/month
  2. For “difficult” niches the turnaround time was longer than promised for customers.

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Optimize or Grow – How To Decide?

optimize or grow

Something I have been thinking about lately is how to find the right balance between optimizing or growing my business.

For example when I was first starting out I had a website with no traffic but read that green buttons would increase conversion rates so I spent an entire weekend changing all the buttons…stupid waste of time!

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The 5 Minute Check You Can Do Now Which Would Have Saved Me $1,800 per Month


You know that feeling when you really screw up? The one where you get that feeling in your gut and taste in your mouth…like when you bump into a parked car with your parents new car or drop your friends new phone in the lake. No one got really hurt but you know you screwed up!

Well today I am going to share what I did online that resulted in a similar feeling. [Read more…]

The #1 Reason Why Some Niche Sites Fail While Some Succeed


Maybe I am a slow learner but  for some reasons I seem to make a few mistakes over and over again! This is as true in life as it is in my online business. The mistake I am talking about is trying shortcut what I think should be one of the “laws” when it comes to building websites…always add value!

Having had the opportunity to work with a lot of people building successful and unsuccessful niche sites while at the same time building my own the path to success is very straightforward but not easy…

  1. On Page – Keep it simple with the site design, don’t over-optimize and most importantly ADD VALUE! Create content that truly helps the visitor.
  2. Off Page – Diverse backlinks including non spammy blog comments along with niche relevant & powerful PBN links

Most of number 1 is easy to do with WordPress and a logo from Fiver while #2 can be replicated or purchased. The difficult part is building a site that actually helps people solve the problem or answer the question they are coming to you for.

In my online business every site that has succeeded has had one thing (among others) in common…the content on the site truly added value! While a large number of sites that haven’t been as successful as I would like often had lower quality content that didn’t really “add value”.

Is Good Content Alone Enough?

LET ME BE CLEAR… I am not saying what a lot of the most popular SEO’s say “create good content and the rest will take care of itself” because I think for most of us that is BS. If you have a massive content budget and are playing a 2-3 year game then yes that pure white hat approach can work.

Although it is only one example my own case study site showed good content along was not enough.

In my case study I showed a site that had been ranking in the 50’s for its target keyword for almost a year with no promotion even though it most definitely answered the searchers query better than other sites.

All it took to push that one site up the rankings and to now be firmly at number 1 was a few powerful PBN backlinks (see full case study here).

Adding links at a rate of one per week has continued to push other higher traffic up the rankings as well.


How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Rank Number 1 in Google

Give Google What It Wants

Google is trying to rank the best content for a given keyword and so we should both give them what they want (the best content) and do what we can off page to signal to them that our content is the best (build quality links).

5 Ways to Create Truly Valuable Content

Saying “create quality content” is far easier then it actually is in practise! To create truly useful content it is not easy to outsource

  1. Round Up Post – This is my current favourite for niche sites because it can be outsourced. Here is a guide to creating a niche dominating round up post
  2. Video Tutorial – One option to create a truly helpful article is to create a video tutorial that helps solve your readers problems.
  3. Hire Staff Writer with Industry Knowledge – Hiring a writer and giving them a title is not enough to get a useful article created. The best way to get truly helpful articles created is to have someone with expertise write them. Not cheap or easy to pull off and very difficult to scale!
  4. Supplemental Tool – Is there a simple tool that can help solve the searchers problem? For example on my student loan site I created a student loan ROI calculator. Another example is my expired domain filtering software I give away for free on my epic expired domain and private blog network guide. Stay tuned for next weeks post where another helpful tool is going to be given away ;)
  5. Collect, Analyze or Assemble Data – Massive lists are another favourite way to create a truly helpful article that can easily be outsourced. Hiring a VA to go do research and then share it with readers is a great strategy to outsource the creation of a value added article. One example of this is pricing tables on Amazon affiliate sites or this list of Education Grants for Single Mothers which is ranking #2 in Google.

Dissolving a Partnership and Changes at


Today I am happy to announce a few changes to (an extremely powerful PBN I have built with only the best domains PA40+ DA30+ etc)

NOTE – LightningRank is currently closed during a transition phase but will open with the best domains and best prices yet soon…Click Here to be notified when it opens again!

Oversharing as my tagline goes(sharing everything but my password) has been something I have always tried to do and today will be no different. [Read more…]

How to Use a Private Blog Network to Improve Rankings – My SOP

How to use a PBN to improve rankings

Are you wanting to know how I use my private blog network to improve mine or clients rankings? This post goes into exactly how I use a PBN to get better rankings for my sites.

If you have followed the instructions on my site to build your own PBN or purchased a PBN from me this post will provide you with some actionable information on how to make the most of it!

It is very clear that PBNs are currently very effective at helping quality websites rank…both from my data here and a recent analysis done by Tung showing examples of profitable amazon websites here . [Read more…]

7 Most Influential Business Books Of All Time – At Least For Me

Alistair Cochrane

You rarely realize you are in the middle of a personnel transformation when it is happening…that is what this post is about. Here I share the 7 AudioBooks that have had the biggest impact on my business and its direction.

The inspiration for this post came from a comment on my last post from Alistair Cochrane who proposed the idea that he could track the big changes in his business looking at his audible history. [Read more…]