My Online Income History and New Business Strategy


I am at a point with my online business that has me considering what strategy to follow to get me to the next level. Maybe you are at a similar point, maybe you are starting out. Hopefully sharing the details on my journey to making some money online and the directions I am considering for my business now will be useful to others.

I started online working to make money in 2007 while in College and have slowly built up online assets that bring in a modest monthly income, around $5k / month. [Read more…]

Negative SEO Attack Results in Record Traffic Growth


CORRECTION – Apr 29 – Tung from Cloud Living Journey in the comments did some more research and determine that it was not in fact a negative SEO attack against my site but just a massive amount of links from 1 website that was generating the unusual # of backlinks. Thanks for correcting me Tung!

Let me make sure to clear this up right away – I do not credit the negative SEO campaign that is hitting my case study website for increasing my traffic to record levels.

So what’s wrong with the title?

–          Have I been attacked by a negative SEO campaign – Yes

–          Have I had record traffic numbers (480+ visitors per day!) – Yes

–          Do I think the negative SEO campaign affected my traffic – NO!  [Read more…]

Month 7 Update – Passive Income is a Beautiful Thing

month 7 cumulative income

March will go down as one of the busiest and most exciting months of my life! With the birth of my first child (baby boy) at the start of march and my day job requiring up to 90hr weeks it was crazy. Luckily I was able to cut back on my hrs at work when my son came to spend time helping out at home.

Because of the amount of time I had to put into other parts of my life I only managed to put in about 10hrs total into my online efforts.

This month has reinforced one of the main things I love about making money with websites – COMPLETELY PASSIVE INCOME! [Read more…]

10 Steps to Outsource the Development of a WordPress Plugin

QuickSprout 218 percent Increase in CTR

Here is the story of how, with no coding knowledge, I outsourced the creation of a WordPress Plugin in under 2 weeks for $150.

If you are waiting for my monthly income report – it should be out by the end of the weekend – I apologize for the delay!

I have been wanting to develop a WordPress plugin for over a year and have had several ideas. Finally I decided to give it a go and create a plugin which would help me make more money through my affiliate sales.

Both the success of the plugin creation and the effectiveness of the plugin is outstanding – the marketing of the plugin could do with some work!

[Read more…]