4 Improvements to My Authority Website and 1 Failure


A few weeks ago Quinn from CubicleFree.com and I shared a public review of each other’s authority websites. These reviews included recommendations on how to improve our sites. [Read more…]

How to ACTUALLY set Up Google Analytics Click Tracking – Affiliate Links and External Clicks – Step by Step Guide

Affiliate Link

I need to be able to be able to record in Google Analytics each click on an affiliate or non-affiliate external link so that I can:

  • Identify the traffic sources for my highest converting visitors
  • Identify new content/affiliate program opportunities
  • Identify my affiliate links/pages that result in the highest click through rate [Read more…]

Month 4 Update – How I Generated 100 Visitors a Day

100 visitors per day

The month of December was a busy month for me with the Holidays and I did not work on my website as much as I would have liked. However, my site has continued to grow and even though December is typically a low traffic month it has saw over a 100% increase in traffic and I am now receiving more than 100 visitors per day!

In this monthly income report I will show you my income for my case study site PayMyStudentLoans.com and the strategies I have used to get to 100 visitors per day in 4 months. [Read more…]