My Authority Site Now Has a Page Rank of 2 – Do I Care?

page rank infographic

When my site was exactly 2 months old on Oct 8 a Google Page Rank(PR) update occurred and my the PR became a PR2 - Is this good, bad or does it even matter? PR used to be a key metric that websmasters talked about but most people have now come to realize that PR on its own means … [Read more...]

Monetization Strategy Rev 1

authority site monetization

So far some of my monetization strategy has been working well while other parts have not. This post will be short and outline what has gone well, what has gone poorly with Rev 0 of my monetization strategy and what Rev1 of my strategy will include. … [Read more...]

Month 2 Update – Making Some Money and Lots of Mistakes

Authority Website Income Month 2

It has been a busy month and I have enjoyed a lot of the outreach work I have been doing in my niche. The focus for month 2 of my authority site was to continue to produce a lot of content along with my main promotion strategy of guest posting. I also started monetization … [Read more...]