How To Systematize a Successful Guest Posting Campaign


The highest quality of link that is easily obtainable is through guest posting.  By following this straightforward plan I have been able to guest post on some very popular personal finance sites and launch my authority site and earn some website income (shown below).

This post is going to be a step by step tutorial showing exactly how I use outsourced team members to help with my guest posting campaign…

Quick Update on Monetization of Authority Website:

Websites Income for the last 7 days (week 7 since website launch)…

  • AdSense – $24.58
  • CPA – $51
  • Total – $75.58
  • Traffic – 293 Unique Visitors [Read more…]

Authority Site Monetization Strategy Rev0

opt-in homepage

For my authority site I am willing to try any monetization strategy as long as it is aligned with my goal of helping recent graduates deal with their student loans.

Over the next few months I will be doing several tests to see what kind of monetization strategy will be “best”. For me, my strategy must…

  • Be reasonably helpful to the visitor of my website
  • Maximize lifetime value of a visitor

Here is what my site is going to start with… [Read more…]

Month 1 Update – Cost To Start an Authority Website

Traffic Month 1 Update

I have great news I can now share with everyone…my wife and I are expecting our first child on March 24, 2013. The news that I will be a father shortly is extremely exciting and has given me a  lot of passion to really make my online business more successful and provide for my family! Luckily for everyone reading this I hope that means to provide more value and transparency on my success than I ever have before. [Read more…]