The #1 SEO Tactic Used in 3 Profitable Case Studies – Expired Domains

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3 recent successful niche/authority site case studies have all had one “SEO secret” or “SEO tactic” in common. What is it? Well its pretty simple and I will show you below how to use it… Its using expired domains to improve search engine ranking for your main niche site.

This article will go into detail covering…

  • 3 Case Studies That Have Used Expired Domains
  • 3 Common Ways to Use Expired Domains
  • The Easiest & FREE Way to Find Relevant Expired Domains Free to Register with Backlinks in 10 Minutes (video instructions included)
  • This won’t cover the best way to find high PR expired domains…
    • For that visit – DomainSpoon (aff link) or the podcasts at Niche Pursuits – here
    • I plan to have a post showing how I have used this great tool developed by Brad

Note – You will need to use a few paid services to use this strategy, all the ones I link to in this post I use and recommend – some of the links below are affiliate links but don’t feel like you need to use them.

  • Domain Registrar I Use with Cheap Domain Registry Privacy Protection – Here
  • Web Host I Use With 15 Class C IP Addresses for $7.95/month – Here

3 Case Studies That Have Used Expired Domains

Within the last few months there has been 3 successful public case studies that all have one SEO tactic in common, they are…

#1 – Tung Tran from has his niche site ranking # 1after only 38 days and on track to be making $500/month. He talks about his impressive results and all the strategies he used. One item that a lot of people would miss is the expired domain he picked up to generate a high PR backlink for his site.

See the image below showing where he describes how he used his expired domain…

Jon Comment

#2 Spencer Haws from has his website ranking #1 in Google for his target keyword after 62 days! He has also used expired domains to trade links and get high PR relevant links from sites in his niche.

Trade Links




#3 – Myself for my case study Site is generating over $1000/month from search engine traffic and has been promoted using expired domains. I have wrote about how I use these only a little bit twice…

Secret SEO

Feeder Site

Pat Flynn in Niche Site Duel #2 research has had people who talk about using expired domains…


The 3 Common Ways to Use Expired Domains To Get More Traffic

There are 3 main ways I use expired domains…


Strategy 1 – Direct 301 Redirect

What is it?

A direct 301 redirect is telling Google that the old site no longer exists and the new site is at the URL you have specified. In an ideal world all the back links should then be counted at your site. However there is some discussion as to whether or not Google utilizes this.

Google Bot


Does It Work?

I found a URL that was highly relevant to teacher grants at my website and 301 redirected it to my main teacher grant page and I started ranking for the keyword “Teacher”.

301 Regirect Result

I expected the traffic to drop off due to having no business ranking for the high level keyword “teacher” however search terms that have “teacher” in it have continued to generate a lot of traffic due to this one expired domain redirection.

How Do I Do It?

  2. I purchase the domain at NameCheap
  3. Direct the nameservers to my favourite inexpensive SEO Host (multiple Class C IPs for $7.95/month!)
  4. Install WordPress w Redirection Plugin
  5. Find all old pages searching (alternative) and and redirect them to an appropriate page on my main site
  6. Set up a reminder to check back in 1 month and 3 months to see if there are any 404 errors and redirect those to an appropriate page

Finding Domain Name

SEO Host

Visit Host Here

Strategy 2 – Feeder Site

What Is It?

Building a feeder site is like building any other micro-niche site. It typically has 1-5 pages and only links out to a few sites and primarily links to your main site 1-3 times on the homepage.

Google Bot

Does It Work?

This is the strategy that Tung used with his high PR site that he picked up at auction that drove his site to rank #1 in Google in 38 days!

How Do I Do It?

  1. Find Relevant Domain – (THE KEY IS A HIGHLY HIGHLY(only 2 this time) RELEVANT DOMAIN!!)
  2. I purchase the domain at NameCheap
  3. Direct the nameservers to my favourite inexpensive SEO Host
  4. Install WordPress & Build Website
  5. Find all old pages searching and and redirect them to an appropriate page on my new feeder site
  6. Set up a reminder to check back in 1 month and 3 months to see if there are any 404 errors and redirect those to an appropriate page on my feeder site

Finding Domain Process


Strategy 3 – General Blog Network Site

What Is It?

Building a website which is reasonably relevant but does not have to be directly related to your niche and then build backlinks from it to multiple websites. Or use the high PR site to do a 3 way link trade with a fellow website owner.

Expired Domain



Backlinking Strategy

Does It Work?

This is the tactic that I use to build out a small 5-10 site private blog network for my larger authority sites. This is also the tactic that Spencer used above to get a high PR link to his Case Study Site.

Finally this is the tactic that Becker talks about in his interview with Pat Flynn here.

How Do I Do It?

  1. Find High Authority(high PR) and Somewhat Relevant Domains
  2. I purchase the domain at NameCheap
  3. Direct the nameservers to your hosting account (recommended account I use)
  4. Install WordPress & Build Website (making each website very different from one another)
  5. Upload content on an ongoing basis 1/month linking to my main sites and other sites I work out link exchanges with

Link Exchange

The Easiest Way to Find Expired Domains That Are Free to Register with Relevance and Authority in 10 Minutes

  • Go to
  • Set up a FREE account
  • Set up your search like the following
    • Search Term – Your Keyword
    • Common Filter – min Backlinks = 1 & min Site Results = 1
    • Additional Filter – TLDs = .com, .net, .org, .ca & Select “only free domains”
  • Pick The Domain(s)
    • PR > 0
    • Backlinks > 10
    • Majestic Trust Flow > 15
    • Majestic Link Flow > 15
    • Keyword Spam – Based on majestic SEO link profile does the link profile appear natural, 3 questions to test
      • i.      Is porn/poker/pharmaceuticals mentioned in the anchor text?
      • ii.      Is the anchor text all English?
      • iii.      Is the exact match keyword density below 15%?
    • Check Relevance – Put the site into and ask yourself these questions…
      • If the person visiting this website ended up at my site instead would they be happy since their question/problem was answered?
      • If the person was selling this site and the price was right would it make sense for my website to buy this site?
    • Bonus Alexa < 10M
  • Register Domain with Privacy Protected at
  • Set up website at a different host than your main site
  • Pick a Strategy
    • Direct 301 redirect
    • Build feeder site
    • Build a private blog network site and use for 3-way link trades with other sites in your niche
  • Execute Your Chosen Strategy
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  1. Jay says

    This is the easiest method I have seen anyone use to find expired domains. I see a lot of people talking about it has always seemed so complicated.
    Thanks for simplifying this for me, I will have to give it a go and see what kind of site I can find.

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Jay, yes this definitely is one of the easiest methods for finding expired domains. There are other strategies where you can find much higher PR domains but none as easily as this method. Let us know how it works for you.

  2. says

    This is great! I can’t believe how detailed this post is! Thank you so much. I have bought expired domains and spent way too much money at auctions doing so. This way seems so much easier!

    Can I ask you what you plan on doing with the domain you picked up.

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Sammy, the domain I picked up showed signs of being “SEO’d” so I don’t want to 301 redirect it to my site I want to make sure there is a buffer. I plan to build a feeder site and then depending on if it shows signs of being penalized or not I will add contextual links to the homepage article pointing to my new insurance site.

  3. says

    Thanks for the detailed post! Could you please clarify why is it important to setup the expired domain website at a different host than your main site?

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Nick, its important to set up the expired domains on a different host because the number of unique IP addresses linking back to a site is believed to be a piece of Googles search algorithm. This is most important if you are using an expired domain as a feeder site. If you are 301 redirecting (most dangerous strategy) I don’t believe you need to have a separate hosting account.

    • Jon Haver says

      I think its worth being concerned about but for example if you let your domain expire (which I hope you don’t) and then another personal finance/online marketing site like purchased it and redirected it to your site…wouldn’t it be better for the person coming to the expired domain to end up at a quality site covering the same relevant topics? Thats my theory anyway and no business is without risk.

      If used incorrectly I think this is a very dangerous tactic – used correctly focusing on highly relevant domains I think it helps the searcher and that’s what Google claims to be after.

  4. says

    Thank you for this in depth tutorial Jon. This has been by far the most detailed and easy to understand explanation on how to find and use expired domains. I definitely plan to use this as a guide as I implement this strategy for ranking my niche sites going forward.

    How many of these types of links would you suggest for a medium sized niche site (10-20 pages of content)? Would you limit how many of these you use?

    • Jon Haver says

      Thanks Matt! I would suggest starting with 1-2 feeder and 1 301 redirect (only if you can find a clean backlink profile and highly relevant site).

      But my believe is that the amount of links generated from expired domains is more dependant on the overall # of links…for example if you had a 1 page website with 100k natural links than having 10 feeder sites wouldn’t likely raise any flags however, if you had a 100 page websites with 100 backlinks 10 of which were all from feeder sites and 301 redirects than I think you would be more exposed. What I am saying is make sure this strategy is part of an overall balanced strategy.

      • JoeSoCal says


        I am currently trying to build a pretty large site and want to rank for a lot of secondary keywords. Can you share your thoughts on how to use a private blog network/expired domains to accomplish this?

        For example, say I have a site about shrimp called And I want to rank for several different phrases like:

        best fried shrimp recipes
        best garlic shrimp recipes
        best teppan shrimp recipes


        I have been struggling with how to wrap my head around ranking for these individual pages on my site. If I don’t have any juice links to these pages, will I ever be able to rank for these pages? Is it simply a function of me building massive backlinks to my primary domain name and then having that trickle down to the other pages?

        Or should I use expired domains to build backlinks to these secondary pages?


  5. says

    Question on the Feeder site method. When you purchase the expired domain, is it becoming the feeder site? Or is the expired domain purchased pointed to the feeder site and then the feeder site points to my main site?

    Just a bit confused by the graph…


    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Adam, I see the confusion – The expired domain BECOMES the feeder site and relevant content is created on it and within it there are links to the main site.

  6. says

    Hey Jon, this is a great resource! One other thing I would mention is to run the expired domain through a fake page rank checking tool.

    Really enjoying your blog, thanks! :-)

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Tracy, a fake PR checker will help… a lot of people focus on PR of expired domains but for me I would rather have a low PR relevant domain that has a clean non-SEOd backlink profile. High PR is great for trading links as its still used as a guide to a sites authority within Google.

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Conie, hopefully I didn’t make it sound too easy and people aren’t thinking go out and do 100 of these…but I know what you are saying. Like all legitimate strategies if there is room to abuse them (forums, blog commenting, guest posting etc) people will. What I believe separates those who this strategy will work for in the short and long term is people who apply a hefty dose of common sense when picking up domains (does this domain really make sense for my site).

  7. Brad Chapple says

    Thanks for the mention, Jon. I can assure you (or any of your readers) that expired domains are still working exceptionally well. In fact, I have a friend who is using non-relevent/non-contextual expired domains to link to his contextual PBN. In this way, the contextual links are strengthened by ANOTHER layer of powerful (albeit non-relevent) expired domains.

    I’m wondering if expired domains haven’t really “caught on” because it requires a lot more work (and money) to build these expired domains into something usable. Depending on your perspective, it’s either a blessing or a curse that people who want to make money online are attracted to methods that with the shortest path from A to B, with the lowest monetary barrier to entry. That’s human nature I guess… but, these are usually the methods that Google target first with their infamous algorithm updates. If more people would treat their online business like a real “brick n’ mortar” business, I think that it would alter people’s expectations and allow more people to break free from their 9 to 5 slavery.

  8. says

    This is a really awesome post Jon! My way of thinking is that you could relatively easily build a site that adds value on your expired domain. In this way you are more likely to get more love from Google too – What do you think of that strategy? Video was killer as well! Quinn

  9. says

    Great post Jon. Expired domains can definitely give your websites the competitive advantage it needs to rank. It’s especially valuable if your building niche websites that likely will only require a handful of ‘quality’ links to rank.

  10. JoeSoCal says

    Hey Jon:

    When you find an expired domain and choose to set up a feeder site or make it part of your small blog network, are you monetizing these sites in anyway to recoup the cost of registration/hosting? Or are you simply figuring them as an indirect cost associated with the authority site you are trying to rank and monetize?

    I don’t want to sound like I’m stepping over dollars to pick up dimes…but obviously, purchasing several domains and putting them on a separate host for each authority site you are attempting to develop can add to your costs on a per authority site basis. My concern about using say AdSense to monetize these feeder sites is that it may be too close for comfort with respect to drawing suspicion from Google, etc.

    Thoughts on this matter?

  11. says

    This all great info but as a noob as I am your talk about 301 and 404 left me lost and confused. It would be nice if you could explain this further. Thanks

    • JoeSoCal says

      I am a newbie myself. But I think I can help you out on this. A 301 redirect is when you have all the visitors who would have typed in or clicked a link that lead to:

      and automatically redirected them to:

      For example, type in and you will see it 301 redirects to ESPN.GO.COM

      A 404 is when a specific page on your site is no longer valid or was removed for some reason. For example, you might click a link on a story to and for whatever reason, that story is no longer on the server. Maybe it was re-edited and subsequently given a new name.

      You would then redirect traffic to that page to another page on your site. For example, say you find an expired domain that you purchase with the hopes of making it a feeder site. The page is titled:

      This page is getting lots of visits because it went viral when the old site was active. Now that you have resurrected the expired domain you want to redirect those visitors to that page to a different page on the site. Hope that helps some.

  12. says

    WOW Jon,
    This is just a bomb man :). Its been a while now since i visited your site last, It’s just I’ve been so busy with my exams but, I’m happy i just saw this one now.

    This post of yours is really so comprehensive to the extent that even a newbie blogger will easily understand. This issue of using expired domain seems to be very effective indeed and its worth practicing.

    Now, do you normally do all these yourself or, do you also assign them to your V.A’s and if yes, like how much does it cost to outsource such service? Just been curious :).

    There is something i need to ask you but, i will send you a mail now via your contact form.

    Thanks a lot for this informative post man, just bookmarked it and going to share it now too. :)

    Good luck man and my warm regards to your household.

  13. says

    Hi Jon,

    So, looking at these 3 strategies, any preferences over the other?

    Direct 301 redirect
    Build feeder site
    Build a private blog network site and use for 3-way link trades with other sites in your niche


  14. says

    This was an awesome case study, Jon.

    I am also working on some niche sites and this expired domain strategy is working like charm.

    I bought one 9 years old domain (education niche), built site around it, and whoaaaaaaaaa !!
    I am getting 10K+ pageview daily on that blog and it is giving $40+ easy money with AdSense daily. This is one of the great strategy which I found after following great industry leaders (like nichepursuits, source-wave etc).

    Thanks for your efforts to explain this in easy way.

    • Jon Haver says

      That is very impressive, I definitely have not experienced that! I would be very interested in hearing more about what you did with that site.

      I have talked with a lot of people that use expired domains for SEO reasons and I don’t know if I have heard as much of an overnight success story.

    • Isagani Esteron says

      Hi, very impressive success! I’ve recently just picked up an expired domain and I’m going to try out setting up a niche site with it. I was wondering if you used another host with Class C IP Addresses or just used your existing hosting, since they won’t be part of a blog network but just another niche site.

  15. Mike says

    Hey Jon first time reader here (saw your link in the empireflippers podcast) and this was a great guide. I have a question regarding buying expired domains. I took a look around and couldn’t find any good domains related to my niche however I’ve found lots of domains with strong baclink profiles. My dilemma here is the topic of the site isn’t relevant to mine and even though I can fill the pbn domain with relevant content, wouldn’t the sites linking to the domain someday come across and notice it’s changed and remove the links?

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Mike, you bring up some great points.

      1. Can you use a non-relevant domain and put relevant content on it to increase the relevancy of the backlink to your main site? My thoughts on this is that yes you can do that but you are tricking Google and failing the “does it add value” funny look test. I believe (have not proven) that re-purposing a relevant domain with good relevant content on it and then getting a link from that site back to yours adds value and should be looked favorably by Google while using a non-relevant domain for the purposes of its backlinks to increase your main sites rank may be looked at as gaming the system by Google. I am not saying it won’t work just long term maybe not the best strategy.

      2. Would the sites linking to you take down the domains if it was no longer relevant? – Maybe but if the site you are getting has a balanced link profile and say even 10% removed their links (high estimate) it shouldn’t really impact the authority of the site.

      If you have any questions let me know.


  16. says

    Do you think by spelling this out to the world, Google future update will be hit next?
    Great technique to get a quick win but is it sustainable?

    • Jon Haver says

      Like all strategies…if abused it will result in Google penalizing sites as it should…

      However, my belief is that buying a relevant site, putting relevant content on it and linking to your high quality main site from your relevant feeder site (built on a relevant quality expired domain) makes the internet a better place and Google should continue to reward us for that.

      But I could be wrong :)

  17. says

    Great case study! On the 301 redirect I don’t think the expired domain has to be completely relevant to get some good SEO value out of it. As long as you don’t abuse this technique and 301 redirect a bunch of high page rank expired domains to your main site one high page rank domain that is not exactly in your niche will not hurt. JMO

    • Jon Haver says

      You may be right and I can’t prove that it does hurt I just choose to play on the conservative side when it comes to Google and pass everything through is doing tactic X making the internet better/worse for a real person. Related domains being 301 redirected passes that test – unrelated domains being 301 redirected does not. If you have any case studies of where you 301 redirected unrelated domains and had success I am sure we would all be very interested in seeing them.

  18. Jeremy says

    Is there a reason why we need to host the (expired) domains on other hosts? I mean we can use “URL Forwarding” instead right? It will achieve the same 301 redirect effect, no?

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Jeremy, if you are planning on 301 redirecting (not the best method – feeder site is best) then using the same host to 301 redirect shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are planning on building a feeder site than a different host is important since it will show up as a link from a unique IP address you don’t control.

  19. Zack Westerman says

    Hey Jon,

    Nice video you did there! I’ve a question. If I find a domain thats really amazing (high trust flow, good number of DP, BL, good PR) but the anchor texts percentage sucks (for example, it had 1 anchor text over-optimized at over 40% but all other anchor texts are ok.)

    For such domains, can I overlook the over-optimization with selective redirection? I will redirect all other pages/anchor text EXCEPT that over-optimized page.

    Your thoughts ?

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Zack
      I can’t confirm without looking at it…however, if you are able to see that one page is over optimized it is likely the majority of the site is overoptimized and may have been penalized. If you suspect even a little over optimization then you should definitely ovoid redirecting it to your site. However, one strategy I would suggest if you still want to use the domain is to create a feeder site with it and don’t immediately link to your money site. This way you can check whether the site has been penalized.

      • says

        Hi Jon,
        I understand creating a feeder site and not linking it immediately to my niche site right away to see if it is penalized, but how do you know if the feeder site has been penalized? Sorry if this is a noob question.


        Just to pick your brain, what type of anchor text would you use for a micro niche like mine. I don’t have backlinks yet and I know more than 15% exact keyword anchor text gets me slapped around by the King-G. I’ve heard using website or click here while having the keyword in the area of the link is a good idea. Please Help!

        P.S. You mentioned using a one or two new sites in the blog network would that be enough diversity to make my backlink profile look legit? I only plan on using a handful of links.

  20. Dan says

    Hi Jon,

    How long does it typically take to see results? I redirected an expired domain a few days ago and still nothing.


    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Dan, it depends on a lot of factors…depends on your site, the expired domain, the niche etc. But I would say that you will immediately see any direct traffic benefit. The SEO benefit is less predictable but you should start seeing an increase if it is measurable within 1 week.

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Peter, I register them with my name but use the Privacy Protection (which is reasonably priced at namecheap but stupid expensive at GoDaddy). I believe there are some legal requirements to use your real name when registering domains.

      • says

        Yes I believe you’re right about the legal requirements. The only thing that makes me a little nervous about this is that I believe that Google is also a domain registrar and can see behind privacy. I would worry that some time they will decide that one domain linking to another with the same owner is a red flag and penalise you for this.

        • Jon Haver says

          I did a little research into that but the way the privacy registration is supposed to work is that other registrars can’t see your info so regardless of if its namecheap looking into godaddy or vice versa they don’t get access to the privacy protected info. A lot of people use fake names to register domains…I haven’t. I couldn’t confirm 100% if Google can see behind WHOIS protection so if someone can confirm or confirm I am wrong I would be happy to hear about it!

  21. andrew perez says

    Hey Jon,

    This is the first post Ive read on this blog and it was exactly what I was looking for as most sites overlook the redirecting aspect of it.

    What I don’t understand is how come with the feeder site you find the old pages and redirect them to your new pages but when you talk about option #3 there is no mention of redirecting old pages to new ones?

    I’ve purchased PR domains and separate hosting, but now I’m not sure how to proceed with redirecting. Could you elaborate a little on how to use majesticseo to find old pages?

    Thanks for all the great info!

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Andrew, good question. Regarding why didn’t I talk about the redirecting the old pages for #3…its because I missed it…my mistake. I do redirect old pages that have links to them in all strategies listed above. #3 as far as redirection goes is much like #1.

      First – How to proceed with an expired domain
      1. Find domain (done)
      2. Buy domain (done)
      3. Buy hosting (done)
      4. Point domain to new hosting account
      5. Install wordpress on the new domain at the new hosting account
      6. Decide on the strategy to be used #1, #2 or #3
      7. Deploy the strategy

      Second – How to use majestic SEO to find old ages
      1. Create free account at
      2. Go to the pages tab (this tab lists all posts that have links built to them)
      3. Using your redirection plugin of choice redirect the old URL’s to either the homepage or a relevant post
      Alternatively you can use the plugin “404 Simple Redirect” which creates a 301 redirect to the page you define for all 404 errors.

      If you have any other questions let me know.

  22. says

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes that produce the biggest changes. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Garrick Dee says


    This is a good tactic for newbies in this trade and the key is carefully inspecting the backlinks and history and finding the right keywords (that’s the toughest one for me). Thanks for sharing it.

  24. says

    Hi Jon, Filippo here. I red your last mail. You were asking “what would you like the most to get in my course about expired domains”. Well, I’d like the most to get the opportunity to look at (and use if I’ll like it) your custom software you use to find expired domains. Thanks for the info you share with us, have a great day.

  25. Kevin says

    Bought quite a few expired high PR domains in the past 4-5 days. Wrote a lot of articles, waiting for results now. Hope you, becker and all the other SEO dudes are right 😛

    • Jon Haver says

      Best of luck Kevin. I definitely don’t recommend expired domains as your only promotional tactic. Make sure it is part of an overall promotional strategy.

  26. says

    Hi Jon,
    thank you for writing this up. I’ve been using this technique for some time, the only thing I did not quite pay much attention to is hiding my footprint (big mistake?). I focus on sites that would become “money sites” – very small money sites, yes but nevertheless.

    What is your opinion, if a site is made with a goal of being a money site, then I should not worry about the footprint, correct? It’s not possible to fool G with money sites because I’ll have AdSense running there.

    Thank you,

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi James, you are right that if you have AdSense on them then there is no point in trying to hide them.

      One thing I would say is be very careful ever linking between the sites…this may be seen as manipulating Google and you could get penalized for it.

      If you had a very very logical reason for linking between 2 sites it might be ok but risky.

      I do like the strategy of making money sites on expired domains…I haven’t done much of it though.

  27. Josh says

    Hey Jon,

    Great site! I found you through Spencer’s podcast. I want to set up my own personal blog network, my question is:

    If my current money site is about widgets and I link to it from my expired domain and then I get a new site about shoes, is it safe to link to the shoe site from the expired domain?

    Thanks, Josh

    • Jon Haver says

      Hi Josh, I like to stay a little conservative with my sites and make natural links out of them. If there is a reason for linking out to the site then go for it but if you don’t think it would be reasonable for the site to link naturally then don’t.

  28. Louis says

    Great article Jon,

    I’ve read this and the ultimate guide too and they’re great. I’ve got a couple of questions.

    1. The feeder site seems like the easiest option is it as simple as build a 5 page site with a silo structure and then link to your money site on the homepage as well as a few other resources?
    2. I know multiple 301 redirects to a homepage can look bad but lets say I purchased 3 high pr sites relevant to specific pages/articles of my money site, could I redirect each of them to the individual pages or is it still potentially dangerous?
    3. Any reason why you can or cannot use Blogspot as a host for some of your feeder sites. I understand it’s important to have the multiple IPs but blogspot is a huge network so it wouldn’t be in their interest to penalise sites in this way because wouldn’t it then effect anyone with a blogspot site that links to another site?

    Have you ever turned an expired domain into a money site or is it not worth the effort?

    • Jon Haver says

      Louis thanks for the questions. Here are my answers…

      1. I prefer the feeder site model as well. It is the most natural. Yes I do link to other resources other than my own.

      2. 301 is potentially dangerous. One way to be more comfortable with the 301 approach is to create a 1 page piece of content on the expired domain and then once you see it ranking for that term move the post to your money site and 301 redirect to that one post.

      3. You can create blogspot sites and I do create web 2.0 sites. I agree a blogspot site that has a lot of blogspot sites linking to it would be natural. However, it probably wouldn’t look natural for a site to have a high % of its links coming from a blogspot site. So for that reason I limit the number of web 2.0 kind of sites linking to a money site to a few per site.

      Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

  29. Slim says

    Hi Jon,
    great post and quite relevant for me, as I’ve got some good PR domains and I’m thinking about the best way to use them.

    1. Just following up from the last comment from Louis, do you ever use these expired domains to rank as money sites?

    2. Also, for 301 redirect, I use the forwarding option with Godaddy. This way I don’t have to pay for hosting, as the 301 redirect is directly from Godaddy. I don’t think this would be good if you are using more that one 301 redirect for a website, since I think the IPs may all be the same. Do you think the forwarding option through Godaddy is reasonable, particularly since you don’t have to pay for hosting costs?

    3. With your strategy #3, general blog network site, you link to several main sites. Say I have 3 main sites I’m promoting (similar keywords) and say I have 10 high PR expired domains. Can I link to my 3 main sites on each one of the 10 expired domains (as well as link to other ‘authority’ sites). If I do this, I might create an outbound link ‘footprint.

    How do you manage a blog network of expired domains when it comes to backlinking when you have several main sites you are promoting?

    • Jon Haver says

      1. Occasionally, if I see the traffic increasing to the site and it starts to rank well I will look at turning it into a money site.
      2. Yah, I think you have thought that through well and your plan is solid. I don’t see any problems with it.
      3. I would not do the 100% linking approach. I try and stay at or below 50% and add in lots of randomness.

      Everything is tracked in a Google document but having some natural randomness built into the system is a good idea…I mean don’t get too obsessed with the 50% mark or other rules, just try and run the sites like natural sites and add a few relevant links to your money sites.

  30. says

    Real new to this expired domain stuff, so a couple of question:

    How long will it take for Google to know that a certain domain has expired, and would it not be withing their “relevant search experience” goal to not index that domain all together?

    Would it benefit me in anyway to take an expired domains with good pr, bklink etc, and develop a blog on it, however, the new content may not be, or just a little bit related to the original content that was on that expired domain?

  31. jose says

    Hi jon, thank you very much for sharing this interesting case study about expired domains. I have a question, though. when redirecting the old pages of the domain to an appropriate page, how do you do it. In i get a page like this When redirecting the page to a page on the new site would you use the whole address above or the last part which says

  32. says

    Thanks for very thorough study. I am currently building backlinks to a somewhat new site and have thought about the link network. My concern is the different hosting platforms. I have 3 hosts: Eleven 2, Bluehost, and Justhost. I know that Bluehost owns Justhost, so would that be considered the same host? Do you have some inexpensive methods to different hosts like a blogspot, wp site,, tumblr, or site that link to the main site?

    Estevan Montoya

  33. Karl says

    Great information John, the only thing I’m struggling with here is that you ticked a box to show indexed domains in the filter section of ExpiredDomains. Maybe you were using an old version as I can’t see this box?

    I have found a potential domain but no idea if its still indexed are not? Is that important? Majestic still shows the citation and trust authority >10 so does this mean its still relevant if I bought it?

    Bit confused, any help appreciated!

  34. Sarah says

    Hey awesome article – lots of detailed information.
    I found a good expired domains for one of my link building clients, but I’m going back and forth whether to just 301 it or build out the expired domain with a link to my client.
    What have you found to yield better results for better ranking?

  35. NANOVATION says

    Hey Jon,
    I have a bunch of old expired PR domain names (all in my niche) that I put one page websites up for just to test / age the domain and content. Now I’m ready to put them in action and I see most of them have dropped a PR or 2 due to link decay.

    My question is, what do you recommend doing with previous PR4 and PR3 domains that are now Pr0-Pr2? Would you 301 redirect PR0, PR1 and PR2 domains (with good backlinks – not spammy) to the money site or do you think it would be better to still keep them on their own hosting with separate IP and link them to my money site?

  36. Eric Kim says

    Hi Jon

    I have some questions. Please reply for me if you don’t mind.

    1. After buying expired domain for redirecting to my money site, should I rebuild the expired site? ( add content, add logo or theme)
    2. I don’t understand about this part Could you explain easily for me?
    3. After finding all pages in majesticseo, is it better to redirect to all pages to my money site?

  37. says

    Nice Article. I have a question, I am working in a new site with a new domain.
    My site only has indexed few pages in google because I did not do a SEO Strategy yet.
    Yesterday I found 2 interesting expired domain.

    Domain A:
    -Trust Flow: 3 / Citartion Flow: 13
    -Domain Authority : 25 / Page Authority = 35
    -Has some backlinks related to my market but also has porn keywords (I dont know whay because the site is no porn)

    Domain B:
    Trust Flow: 9 / Citartion Flow: 9
    DA: 21 / PA: 1
    -Has some backlinks with nice keywords related to my market.

    What do you recommend? Should I Buy Domain B? Also, If I buy Domain B Should I apply one strategic that you explained or Should I use domain B instead of my currently domain?

    • says

      Domain B could be useful, I would just try to make sure that those aren’t the type of backlinks that’ll be removed anytime soon. (Just saying that because your DA of 21 might drop pretty quickly if some of the stronger backlinks are removed)

  38. says

    Hi Jon Haver , This is my first time that I am on your blog and no-doughty you have written most valuable research article on SEO analysis and many many thanks to publishing this article .

    I have a question . Is those strategy stills works in 2014 .I am asking this question because of some keywords were lost ranks . such as spacers keyword best survival knife # 3 and also the keyword that you have discussed (best adjustable dumbles) has no position on SERP now :(

  39. says

    Thank you! I finally found a post that answered my questions. I was looking some clarity on how to solve the 404 error after a 301 redirect of an expired domain. This explains it!

  40. Eoin says

    Hey Jon, can I pick your brains for a sec. I bought an expired domain and did a WP install. I put my .net domain I purchased into Moz open site explorer and got a message saying it redirects to the .com of the same name. It loaded the results for the .com by default instead of the .net. Just wondering how this can be as I own the domain now and it doesn’t redirect when I load it into browser. Do I need to do anything my end or just ignore the Moz message? Wouldn’t like to think the 301 that the previous owner of the domain obviously had on there could leak link juice back to the .com version of the domain that they now own. A little confusing I know but if you can shad any light, it would be great.

  41. says

    Thanks for Sharing your experience With Expired domains .I have a Question ,can we use the old contents of the expired domains ,is that still the copyright property of last owner ?

  42. William says

    Hi Jon,
    I was wondering your thoughts on expired hyphenated-domains? Do they have the same value or more?
    Love your information here!

  43. says

    Thank you so much for clarifying this process. It makes sense and is extremely easy to follow. I had recently considered buying expired domains, but didn’t know what to do with them. Now I do.

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